Development Of In-House Social Website Networking

Date: 17-Jan-2018

Enterprise Social Networking

The rising addition of social media has shown how influential the modern world’s online communities are. But these social networking websites aren’t equally beneficial for an organization where lots of employees are required to be connected with each other to fulfill business objectives.

A firm of any type needs a private network to enable conversation between employees and allow them information sharing without compromising with the secrecy of the office data. The intranet is a way to help a company have its own private network, which is accessible only by its employees.

The in-house social site is an online community where only the authorized people of a company can communicate with each other, share files and ideas, and work for a common business goal. A website of this type works same as a social networking site and allows employee engagement in an interesting as well as informative way. Like a social media website, people can post content, comment and give their feedback.

Other benefits of the in-house social site

  • It encourages employee engagement, saves employee time and helps in developing a productive workplace.
  • Employees can share files in a secret manner without visiting each other
  • Top management can keep track of employee performance easily.

In-house social site for development

Creative Web Mall provides you personalized social networking platform as an online community where your company’s employees can communicate with each other in an interesting manner.

Here’s what we offer:

  • An in-house social network that belongs to you and represents your company.
  • A social network with lots of interesting and innovative features to help your employees in their daily duties.
  • A platform where your company data is safe and secure
  • From launch to employee training and maintenance, everything is handled by Creative Web Mall.



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