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Giving Birth to Social Media for Employees at a Professional Front

Every single day, we check out social media platforms, where tones of information are being displayed followed by numerous likes, share, and comments.

No doubt in the fact that, almost the world’s day to day happening is being displayed on social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, etc. Plus, such sites are also responsible for engaging new set of clients from a business perspective and establish a conversation between them.

Well, if you think that same set of a collaborative effort of displaying information and reacting to it is possible within a business enterprise platform, then you are half right and half wrong.

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Social Intranet Solutions we offer

On premise Intranet

Looking for an effective social intranet for companies with more than 500 employees. Gain complete control of your company social intranet with offline access to employees.

Hybrid Intranet

Hybrid social intranet are for companies with large number of employees with lesser HR budget. Companies that have branches spread globally.

Cloud Intranet

Our cloud intranet solutions are cost effective social intranet solutions. Get your intranet fully managed by Creative team and hosted on Creative servers with zero hassle.