How Effective Your Company’s Internal Communication Is – Ways To Measure It

Date: 31-Jan-2018

In any kind of business, effective internal communication can result in lucrative financial rewards. On the other side, poor communication within an organization can break a great deal.

Have you tried to measure the internal communication of your company? By doing so, you can plan strategies to improve communication as well as productivity. Here are some effective ways to measure internal communication:

Employee ID over the company network

In case of effective internal communication, employees would have filled every section of their employee ID over the intranet portal of the organization. They would have added things about them and their picture as well.

Employee engagement over the social intranet

The social intranet of an organization can be surveyed to understand the participation of employees in a company issue. Employee communication and participation of one person over the intranet can help understand the connection between employees.

Conduct surveys

Company employees can be asked questions related to their daily professional work and communication with colleagues. Short and relatable questions can help understand the level of internal communication and help top management improve it.

Look for strong collaboration and identify its secret

Top management should work to identify a collaboration that is the strongest in the company. Its secret should be known and the same strategy should be applied to the entire internal communication of the organization.

Clean and beneficial intranet solutions

The intranet software of the company should be easy to use and beneficial for all employees. They should be allowed to talk and share files with each other over the network.

Creative Web Mall For Improved Internal Communication

Creative social intranet is an effective way to improve internal communication by bringing all company employees on a single platform. Creative Web Mall can design and launch the intranet portal for your company to improve communication among employees.



So what’s the one way that can boost your employee engagement?

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