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Intranet applications is growing as a common feature of corporate organizations as well as commercial businesses where the internal communication and business processes are supported by a network of computers. Such online intranet solutions are thus marked by a private network of computers with the in-house server and firewall of the enterprise. With multiple computers connected to each other on a common platform, namely the intranet, each computer is identified by a unique IP address. The employees of the organization can thus not only access their own computer through this simple company intranet but can also stay connected with other employees and managers through the internal network of communication commonly facilitated by Web Internet technology.

Such intranet solutions thus have an application in a number of enterprises that prefer to manage their work as well as internal communication over a common web platform. Corporate enterprises, private institutes, as well as commercial chain of retail or other businesses are the ones who are readily adapting to these hosted intranet solutions.

Benefits of Intranet for Companies

The virtual community of social intranet has brought a revolution in the way business operations are carried out in organizations. From exchanging information to managing the processes, such online intranet solutions benefit all levels of an organization. Here is a broad range of benefits for companies:

Streamlined Communication

Social intranet helps break the barrier of communication between managers and employees by bringing all levels of employees together on a common platform.

Higher Productivity

With employees getting access to the right information and data on a web browser interface at all times, the productivity is bound to be better and more accurate.


Another advantage of this online platform is that members are connected to each other at all times. They can thus access the information whenever they require.

Cost Effective Solution

Other than the functional benefits of intranet, another beneficial aspect is the fact that it is a cost-effective option. Such corporate intranet solutions replace the need for physical documents.

Need for an Ideal Social Intranet

With technology taking over almost all sectors of the society, businesses are also readily shifting to digital workplaces and adapting to the changing needs of the time. This raises the need for corporate easy intranet solutions that matches the needs of the organization. It is essential that the intranet solution is simple and easy to operate yet provides effective and attractive results.

On premise

An on premise intranet is suitable for companies that have more than 500 employees. This platform is flexible and offers customizable options to suit the needs of the organization, has improved security as it is located in one place, and offers more control.


If the focus of your company is to enhance communication with remote employees, then cloud based intranet solution is an optimal option for you. Such a solution also helps in improving cost savings as there is no need to spend on hardware. On the technical front, there is an improved IT support and automatic updates to the software.


If you have a large scale company but do not wish to spend much on HR, then a hybrid solution of cloud as well as on-premise intranet is the ideal solution for you.

Intranet Solutions Available at Creative

Creative Web Mall is a leading company in the industry known for providing best intranet solutions for organizations of all kinds. One can choose from a range of Microsoft intranet solution such as on premise, cloud based, as well as hybrid platforms according to the specific needs of the company.

Why Creative Social Intranet solution

Creative social intranet is a recommended option in the industry as they offer quick deployment of service and install intranets that are easy to use, is fast and secure, as well as is responsive to mobiles and iPads for improved usability. Contact them for a customized intranet solution for your company.

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