Intranet In Education: How It Benefits Schools, Colleges And Universities

Date: 31-Jan-2018

Advanced technologies aren’t limited to industries in the modern world. Today’s education sector is using various kinds of hardware and software tools to develop effective communication between employees, teachers as well as students. Through intranet software, an institute can create a private network where its people communicate, share information and contribute to success.

Intranet software not just provides a secure, fast and reliable channel of communication, but also helps a school or college meets its own set of challenges. Intranet software is more than just a source of communication, and here’s how:

Creating files and updating them

A school, a college or a university needs employee handbooks, brochures and various other kinds of documents to meet their objectives. Intranet software allows authorized people related to an institution to create files, share them over the network or update the existing files to make necessary changes in them. It saves times and resources needed to pass information between people.

Maintain staff record

Intranet software allows an institute to keep the digital record on people working with it. Over the intranet platform, information on their performance can be stored for future use. The stored data can be searched easily whenever needed.

Knowledge sharing and improve student’s learning

Through the intranet software, teachers or other staff members can share important information with each other. Apart from that, students of a college can use the intranet software to download educational notes saved over the network, and even communicate with their teachers to clear their doubts related to their coursework.

Creative Web Mall For Intranet In Education

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