How To Use Content To Boost Employees For Intranet Use?

Date: 31-Jan-2018

If used in an accurate manner, the social intranet of a company can work wonders. It not only improves internal communication within an organization but also provides lots of easy-to-use features to achieve business goals in a rapid way. Using intranet software can be easy, but it takes efforts for a company’s top management to bring all employees over the private network and convince them to use it for their daily professional work.

As internal communication, as well as information sharing, is essential for a company’s growth, it becomes essential for the top management to make sure that every employee actively engages on the company’s social intranet. They could use impressive and unique content to attract employees towards a common intranet platform and contribute to the company’s success in a user-friendly way.

Here’s what type of content should be used and how:

Latest news:

Latest happenings or information on future events within a company can be shared over the social intranet to update employees. But this alone isn’t going to grab the attention of all company employees. For that, the design of the news section should be attractive and employees should be able to read everything.

Blogs And Articles:

The CEO and people from top management should write blogs and articles over the intranet to enhance employee knowledge and help them through their daily tasks.


There should be forums with number of company employees taking part in them. The employees should be allowed to share their ideas, comment and provide feedback.

Content posted over the social intranet should be easy to read, unique, and helpful for employees. In addition, employees should be able to access the intranet on all kinds of devices, including smartphones.

How Creative Web Mall Can Help You?

Creative Web Mall can design and launch a creative social intranet for your company where you can add impressive content to lure employees toward the platform and make the right use of it.



So what’s the one way that can boost your employee engagement?

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