The Secret Sauce to High Morale

Date: 25-Jun-2024


Ever noticed how some workplaces seem to be buzzing with energy and enthusiasm? The secret often lies in how they celebrate their hard-working employees.

It is a challenging task to empower a strong company culture and prioritize employees for their effort but the secret sauce of organizational success lies in the people who build the company from top to bottom with their unwavering diligence.

  • How do we achieve this?
  • Is an employee more driven after receiving a compliment?

Imagine amplifying that feeling across the whole team! Recognizing one employee’s hard work each month can spark a fire in everyone else.

Every corporate employee has seen the posters and frames of recognition as an employee of the month or manager of the month, which sparks a desire to be appreciated as such in those corporate walls of fame.

One of the great ways to appreciate the hard work of the employees is employee appreciation programs.

What is an Employee Recognition Program?

An employee recognition program is all about celebrating the achievements and hard work of your team. It’s a structured way to say, “You’re awesome, and we appreciate you!”

Building a vibrant company culture isn’t just about policies and perks—it’s about recognizing and valuing your employees’ contributions. One effective way to foster this culture of appreciation is through a well-executed Employee of the Month program.

“According to research published in Harvard Business Review highlights that organizations that appreciate the efforts of employees with strong recognition programs have a low level of churn rate and a higher level of employee satisfaction. The study also showed that employees who are recognized for their work tend to remain loyal to their employer and contribute to organizational success”(Harvard Business Review, 2020).

Employee Recognition Ideas

1. Personalized Experiences

Consider providing personalized experiences as incentives. These could include adventurous activities like theme park passes or cooking classes, as well as opportunities for wellness retreats such as spa days. Such experiences not only acknowledge and reward dedication and effort but also encourage a healthy work-life balance and overall well-being.

2. Flexible Work Benefits

Work arrangements such as providing flexible start and end hours, incentives, and additional paid leave. Allowing employees to adjust their schedules can significantly boost job satisfaction and productivity.

3. Tech Gadgets and Subscriptions

Tech gadgets like tablets, smartwatches, or subscriptions to streaming services (Netflix, Disney+, etc.) are practical and enjoyable rewards. They not only recognize achievements but also integrate technology into daily life, promoting efficiency and connectivity.

4. Professional Development Opportunities

Invest in employees’ growth through professional development opportunities. Offer courses, certifications, or workshops relevant to their career paths. This not only enhances skills but also demonstrates a commitment to their long-term success.


Embracing modern approaches to employee recognition and tailoring rewards to individual preferences, organizations can foster a culture of appreciation that drives both personal and organizational success.

1. Boost employee morale with Creative

An Employee of the Month program is more than just a title—it’s a powerful tool for nurturing a positive work environment and motivating employees to excel. Strategies, tools, and ways of showing that you care and you know it can magically boost the loyalty of your employees. We offer tools for employee rewards and recognition.

2. Digitize & Automate Rewards & Recognition

Creative employee recognition tools in our enterprise intranet platform can help organizations build a social and gamified rewards and recognition program for their workforce, quickly and in a cost-effective way.

3. Boost Peer-to-Peer Recognition

Creative Social Intranet offers your employees the flexibility to appreciate their co-workers instantly with a peer-to-peer recognition feature in our employee rewards and recognition tool and rekindle their professional relationships on the go.

4. Employee Happiness Index

Creative Social Intranet is a powerful employee engagement platform that crunches feedback data, tracks employee activity, and creates actionable reports for all your stakeholders.

5. Gamification and Leaderboard

Take part in celebrating your coworkers’ accomplishments by rewarding them with points and thanking them for their contributions.

Get a bird’s eye view of the overall recognition program with our intuitive leaderboard making life in HR easy.


So what’s the one way that can boost your employee engagement?

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