How Social Intranet Helps Improve Collaboration and Communication in Organizations?

Date: 31-Jan-2018

In this constantly evolving and competitive world, there is an increasing need to enhance the communication ties within a commercial setup. Be it businesses and industries or hospitals, schools, and other institutes, a major challenge of any social arrangement is to augment collaboration and communication between its employees. A collaboration tool such as a social intranet acts as the ideal instrument for this purpose. Here’s how the work environment is improved with the installation of intranet software:


With an improved avenue for social networking, employees get to interact and collaborate with each other which further helps improve their productivity.


Employees also get to share their ideas and brainstorm on a particular project on this common platform. This helps in augmenting not only social networking but also business-related discussions and feedback. Open lines of communication through messaging, forums, and media-sharing tools on the intranet bridge the gap between team members and managers, thereby improving collaboration.

Accessible Information

Through the open and seamless interface of an intranet, team members get faster access to statistics, customer insight data, company policies, or other such important data. This ensures that all the employees under the roof are updated with the latest developments of the organization.

Work Satisfaction

In addition to productivity, such a platform for social networking also helps improve the overall sense of satisfaction among employees. The intranet poses as an interactive platform with convenient tools which helps increase the zeal of employees to perform better.

While an intranet platform provides diverse tools and techniques optimal for any type of organization, it is recommended to get one personalized for your particular work environment. The team of professionals at Creative Web Mall offers customized collaborative tools and interfaces that best suit the needs of your particular organization. To foster a collaborative spirit amongst employees, it is suggested to refer to the expertise of Creative professionals.



So what’s the one way that can boost your employee engagement?

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