How Social Intranet Eliminates Email Overload And Improve Productivity?

Date: 31-Jan-2018

Email has made a special and important place in most people’s life. Whether it’s personal life or professional work, people send countless emails to each other. This increase in email flow has led to an overloaded inbox, which further increases the chances of important emails being ignored.

How to cut through this overflowed email box to reach the important conversation? An effective alternative to traditional emailing is social intranet software, which not only allows people to communicate with each other, but also provides them with a secure network to share data in a fast manner.

How social intranet is the right alternative to traditional emailing?

Only authorized company employees are over the social intranet where they share only important information with each other, that too in real time. In this way, employees react quickly when they receive a message on the social intranet.

  • In addition to sharing data with each other, employees using social intranet software can chat and share ideas with a number of people at one time.
  • As only authorized people can access the intranet software, sending emails and communication is securer than a traditional email platform.
  • Like a social media website, the intranet software allows people over the network have group discussions, comment and give feedback in a quick manner.
  • It allows a user to organize their emails and react quickly to them. This further increases productivity and leads to a healthy workplace environment.

How Creative Web Mall Helps Replace Traditional Emailing?

Through advanced tools and services, Creative Web Mall helps you develop a creative social intranet to eliminate the weak links of traditional email techniques. Considering your requirements and demands, experienced developers design a social intranet that could replace your email effectively and provide your employees with a secure source of communication.



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