New Employee Onboarding Kit Works Great As A Marketing Tool

Date: 28-Jun-2019

Nowadays, onboarding welcome kits are becoming more important due to employee onboarding process in most of companies. When a new hire joins it is important to make him feel welcome and integrate him into the company’s culture and the social climate of the workplace. A company makes sure that they get every aspect of the welcome kit right. They want to make sure that it is something which is picture perfect. 

A collection of new employees show a great promotional product which can ultimately find its way to Instagram or other social websites, acting as a free advertisement. Thus the company does not only welcome new employees to the office but they are also getting some good marketing out of the deal.

Welcome kits for employees are the most important aspect because it helps to get the new hires comfortable around the new work environment. So every organization ensures that the welcome kits include items that are both cool and functional. For beginners, employee onboarding practices are becoming important indicators of the success of any new hires.

Every employee wants to be valued and it can only be done by offering a little bit of swag with the welcome kit. Employees automatically feel more welcome and ready to join the team if it involves free stuff in the welcome kits. Obviously, a lot more goes into the onboarding process than just a few nice gifts, but they can undoubtedly go a long way in introducing new hires to the company culture.

In some cases, new employees will be enamored with the products in their welcome kit so that they can tell their friends or relatives or share a photo on social media. This ultimately works as a different form of advertising the company receives just by being nice with the employees.

Not every welcome kit have to be high tech. It is very common to find items like pens, pencils and notebooks. These are undoubtedly very useful products that will come in handy when a new hire needs to take notes during meetings, presentations or any other office events. Sometimes even many functional items notebooks or laptop bags will help in providing some exposure for the logo outside the office.

One of the most common new promotional products is a water bottle. This also serves as a visible advertisement in the employee’s everyday life. Sometimes companies also go beyond by providing them small gadgets like power banks, phone case battery packs, wireless chargers which features company’s brand name. In general the company can go beyond their imagination and creativity level. Anything that falls under the category of cool and fun will be a great addition to an employee welcome kit.



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