Employee Onboarding Software And Some Popular Myths To Dispel

Date: 29-Jun-2019

Employee Training is a necessity for every new hire. Even the most experienced employees need help in mastering a task, tools, etc that are unique in the organization. 

Below are some common misconceptions that must prevent you from obtaining the best return on investment and engaging new members.

Onboarding Software Is Only For Large Organizations:

The new hire training onboarding system is a sensible investment for every organization that plans to hire new employees. Not just large companies with sizable budgets and hundreds of employees but also small or medium business that doesn’t have much room in their budget for employee onboarding software. It assures your new hire to give access to crucial online training materials whenever it is convenient for them.

All New Recruits Require The Same Training Strategy:

It is a fact that every new employee who enters an organization needs a customized training plan and methods to bridge the gaps and improve task performance. Even employees who are in the same position have different skillset and responsibilities. Even their experience and professional background matter a lot in dictating which sources they require.

Training Stops When They Step Into The Workplace:

One of the most damaging new hire onboarding myths is that as soon as the new employees venture into the workplace you can stop the onboarding training and let them learn through experience. In every organization, development should be the priority in every stage of the employment cycle. The first few weeks of a new hire in the workplace are nerve-wracking and filled with mistakes. Therefore,  support resources are essential to overcome work-related challenges. Once the training ends, training to sharpen their skills and talents commences.

Every New Employee Is Ready To Dive Into Onboarding Training:

Sadly, not every new hire employee wants to dive into the training process even if they need to develop new skills. Some may require a bit more incentive to invest their time in onboarding. For instance- you can incorporate game mechanics to give extra motivation so that they actively engage in the onboarding sessions. Please provide them with real-world examples and demos of accessing online training materials and the practical perks they offer. They must have never used learning technologies before therefore, they aren’t much aware of how to use the platform or the benefits it brings to them.

Employee Onboarding Software Takes The Place Of An Online Instructor:

It’s true when you invest in employee onboarding software you don’t have to hire an online instructor to provide guidance or support. However, you must still have an LMS administrator to provide assistance and monitor new hire progress. For instance, they might take follow up with employees who haven’t gotten the necessary online training certificates or host a monthly live event to make sure everyone is up to the mark.

Online Training Leaves Little Room For Social Learning Opportunities:

Using employee onboarding software is a solo pursuit and one must complete all the training activities independently. This myth was created based on the old-fashioned learning principle. Today, with the help of LMS it gives employees the power to engage in online discussions, provide feedback, and share experiences. They can also complete the sessions with the help of group projects or peer-based coaching programs. 

These are just a handful of myths associated with new-hire employee onboarding and learning technologies. Dispelling them allows you to assist new hires during their moment of need and prepare them for everyday challenges. Even small-medium businesses have the chance to sharpen their talent to help them reach their full potential.


So what’s the one way that can boost your employee engagement?

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