Creative Employee Onboarding

Creative provides a solution which is designed to eliminate manual data entry and paper documents while providing a great employee experience. It helps you create and implement a structured, scalable onboarding where company culture and employee records are securely stored in the cloud and accessible through any device.

Employee Onboarding

Successfully Onboarded Employees

Why Creative Onboarding?

Seamless experience

Gives employees/users trouble free experience across platforms and at their convenience and always know where they are in the process.

Store securely

Protection of document management designed to support your business modules.

Centralized Onboarding

Unified and streamlined process to enable easy tracking of new hire progress.

Customized Hiring Process

Personalised hiring workflows by creating custom checklists.

Our Special Features

Document Management

Electronic Forms

Employee Handbook

Job Description Management


Orientation Management

Self-service portal

Task Management

Training Management


Employee engagement

Micro learning

How an Employee Onboarding Software is useful?

Adopting Creative employee onboarding software reduces the risk of missing out on crucial steps in the process because it standardizes the program for each new hire while allowing customization for specific job titles and employment levels.

Managing new hire paperwork

With the help of Creative employee onboarding software, managers or leaders can accumulate all documents in one place as well as carry information from the form to form which reduces time spent keying in unnecessary information as well as errors.

Automatic Workflows

Creative onboarding software will allow your organization to set up multiple workflows which are fully automated so that you can set something up once, then never worry about it again. It allows an organization to define a process for each role or department including setting deadlines and reminders.

Progress Reporting

With Creative onboarding software, each step as the new hire has completed is clearly displayed and easily followed by leadership. This function can also help audit the performance of the onboarding team which helps to improve the onboarding process as a whole.