Life after Lockdown: Will your Intranet fit its purpose?

The corona virus pandemic crisis has worldwide increased the numbers working from home.

However, remote working has been a global trend for quite some time.

Advantages of working from home include:

  • No daily commuting,
  • more quality time spent with the family.

Long-term remote working however requires a company laptop with access to the cloud and office intranet along with engaged communications and a socially connected workforce.

Thus it’s important to know is your intranet and communications platform still fit for purpose?

It’s time to review your systems for life after lockdown and here’s what Creative Social Intranet can offer you

1.  Your Intranet Platform and its Shift to Remote Working

The several requirements needed while making the transition to effective remote working includes:

  • Easy to use set-up: Those companies have been most successful with intranet platforms which are easy to set up, spontaneous to use and also mobile accessible as they mean higher rates of adoption, superior employee experience leading to better business outcomes.
  • Easy integration with other systems: With intranet that can be easily integrated with current software models, workforce won’t need to juggle multiple apps, screens, or passwords and will be able to easily share data and information.
  • All-inclusive tools that staff need: Whether it’s real-time chat or collaborative spaces to connect, the intranet should support staff in getting the work done.
  • Supports company culture: Remote workers generally feels the disconnection from the company and its aim. Creative Social intranet provides that vital connection with quick and easy links to content, active news feed, encouragement by rewards to staff, etc.
  • Promotes social connections: An intranet needs to offer those opportunities virtually that reduces Social isolation and loneliness issues faced by remote workers. A social intranetoffers a lifeline in providing a sense of community among employees, and also will be supporting their health and wellbeing.
  • Allows you to measure success:Finally, it’s important that your intranet include integrated metrics to measure progress and employee engagement.

2.    Business Benefits gained from Remote Working

  • Reduces office costs and operational overheads: You can make huge savings on office costs and overheads with remote working business model and also your company gains greater freedom and flexibility to expand.
  • Expand the talent pool: Remote working removes the barrier of restricting your search to only local candidates and intranets make it possible for your employees to work from anywhere across the world.
  • Increase employee satisfaction: Organizations that values their employees and provides flexible and remote working with better working conditions see grater employee satisfaction.
  • Improves employee retention: Remote working offers the flexibility and work-life balance that is important for employee satisfaction and engagement, thus making them stick for longer duration.

3.  Creative Social Intranet’s Wide-ranging All-inclusive Solution

Even though there are several vendors to select from, Creative Social Intranet is hard to beat when it comes to an ideal intranet software and employee communication platforms.

Book a free demo now and check out what difference it can make for you.