Cloud communications: the better way to connect your employees

Date: 17-Nov-2020

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Here’s how Cloud-based communications have proved as a lifeline during lockdown

1. Reaching out with the help of cloud communication

How can you deliver when a lockdown closes all options for communication with your employees?

The answer rests in the rapid deployment of cloud services. After the government announced the lockdown, many organizations started working from home through video conferencing.

As we’re starting to settle into a new normal, these cloud communications are just becoming embedded since the response received by many companies is overwhelming.

2. Cloud communications fit perfectly in such a pandemic

Business as usual doesn’t remain the same in lockdown. Overnight, many event management companies have furloughed 40% of their employees and turned to home working. Employees had access to the company’s occupational nurse through cloud-based video calls, in case their support is required.

To attain this objective, companies used a modern intranet for collaborative working and meetings, along with a cloud-based project management tool that allowed complex CAD documents to be shared across teams, and CGI.

Creative Social Intranet is one such cloud-based social intranet that will offer a platform for internal communications for employees working remotely.

3. Relying on unified communications for support

When the COVID-19 outbreak arrived, small organizations were ready to support their employees working from home with the help of a cloud-based system. The cloud communications platform offered by Creative Social Intranet reduces the cost of working from home and also improves flexibility.

The Helpdesk tool in the Creative Social Intranet helps divert support requests and queries by employees to the concerned departments. Tracking of support tickets was made easy with the helpdesk tool.

4. Keeping employees engaged and productive during the lockdown

A weekly “Friday Fun” challenge is just one way of using cloud services to keep your employees engaged and productive during the lockdown. Many companies are also using Social Intranets to support working from home, accessing cloud-based email, and introducing events, and contests, on the intranet to keep the employees engaged through Modern Intranet.

5. Efficiency, productivity, and creativity with Creative Social Cloud Intranet

Cloud communications are critical to the company’s ability to continue doing business. Slack is used exclusively instead of email for faster, briefer messaging. Creative Social Intranet is a cheaper and better alternative to Slack.

Creative Social Intranet proved to be a cost-effective solution for sharing and storing documents online. Scheduling meeting agendas was made easy with the calendar tool in the Intranet. The pandemic has changed the approach to remote working and business continuity in the future. 

Earlier the business case concentrated more on efficiency and productivity, but it’s now time to think and be creative.


So what’s the one way that can boost your employee engagement?

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