How to Build a Customized Intranet For a Bank That Engages Employees?

Date: 06-Nov-2023

Personalised Intranet That Engages Employees

Building a customized intranet that involves employees is key for banks to keep their organizations engaged and connected. A modern intranet should not only provide employees with a smooth and intuitive experience but also help them get their job done. To ensure a successful intranet, banks should focus on the following:

  • Clear governance and purpose: Establishing clear governance around the intranet will ensure that it is used and updated regularly. The purpose of the intranet should be outlined in a way that employees understand.
  • Engaged executives and employees: Executives and employees should be involved in the development of the intranet as well as its ongoing maintenance. The intranet should be designed with their needs in mind.
  • User-friendly experience: Banks should strive to create an intranet that is easy to use and navigate. This can be done using modern, visually appealing design and simple navigation tools.
  • Relevant content: The content on the intranet should be kept up-to-date and relevant to the bank’s employees. This may include information about products, services, policies and procedures, news, announcements, and updates.
  • Personalization: Banks should aim to provide a tailored experience for their employees. This can be done by offering personalized content, search capabilities, and recommendations based on user profiles.

By taking these steps, banks can create a customized intranet that will engage their employees, help them do their job more efficiently, and ensure that the organization remains connected.

What do today’s digital organizational intranet customers expect?

Today’s banking customers expect a modern intranet platform that enhances their online experience with the bank. Customers expect to have immediate and easy access to the most relevant and up-to-date information about their banking services, be it through features such as personalized notifications, quick access to accounts and transactions, or helpful financial advice.

Customers also want a secure, convenient, and user-friendly digital banking experience that keeps them informed, connected, and in control of their finances. This means the intranet must have the latest security measures to protect its data, be optimized for desktop and mobile devices, and be backed up with a strong content strategy that reflects customers’ needs.

The intranet should also boast powerful features and functionality that allow customers to make payments, monitor their investments, set up budgeting and savings goals, track their credit scores, access budgeting tools, and more. In short, customers expect to be able to manage their money from the comfort of their own homes with ease and convenience through a reliable intranet platform.

As banks strive to become more agile and adaptive, modern digital workplace platforms can help them achieve this goal. With the right intranet, financial institutions can break down knowledge silos within the organization and provide each employee with immediate access to the content, connections, and resources they need, often from a single page.

To complete this, the best intranets today come with an in-built learning management system (LMS). This system is an essential hub for employee learning, allowing staff to access all their learning tools, courses, and resources from a centralized location.

The personalization provided by an LMS is key, as it allows banks to create tailored learning activities in multiple formats, including text, slides, audio, video, and gamified courses and content.

However, the most powerful tool for creating an agile and adaptable intranet for banking is LMS Triggers – a dedicated LMS platform add-on. By utilizing triggers, banks can set up rules in their intranet so that once an employee has completed a specific action, their experience automatically changes to meet their needs better.

For instance, when new hires or employees are working through e-learning materials, LMS Triggers can be set up to unlock various intranet features as the training is completed – giving them the ability to customize their homepage. LMS Triggers can also be used to enable financial institutions to control access to important banking tools like expense reporting or leave management until users have completed the appropriate training to use them properly.

Moreover, employees can be recognized with intranet badges pinned to their profiles that showcase their achievements, qualifications, and successes as they work through various e-learning programs. This creates an engaging environment that rewards employees for completing training and encourages them to continue developing their skills.

By utilizing LMS Triggers, banks can create a truly sophisticated and modern digital experience that will keep employees engaged while also making sure they are able to access the right tools at the right time.


To achieve an effective and connected digital workforce, today’s banking organizations should turn to modern intranets, equipped with personalized tools like LMS Triggers. Such intranets can not only help to promote employee engagement and satisfaction but also create a rewarding and motivating experience for every user, which is essential for business objectives in the years to come.


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