Selecting the Best Intranet That Can Improve the Employee Experience

Date: 08-Nov-2023

Internal communications departments now prioritize employee experience (EX) above all else. This can be greatly aided by an intranet that can be tailored to the specific needs of your company, but how do you know what features to highlight?

Finding a solution that’s able to be easily customized to address your organization’s challenges is preferable to a rigid, one-size-fits-all solution that glosses over some of your chronological internal communications issues and cannot be tweaked when searching for the best internal comms platform for improving employee experience.

The success of your internal communications platform in meeting the unique needs of your business and fostering trust and familiarity in your digital workplace depends on the degree to which it can be tailored and designed to meet the needs of your organization’s workforce. Customizability like this is a big reason why intranets continue to be used in productive workplaces.

An intranet can be renamed and rebranded in accordance with organizational standards, unlike the majority of business apps. The User Experience can be tailored to meet the specific requirements of the business and its workforce. Together, the content and design of all digital touchpoints can do wonders for employee engagement and the dissemination of core brand values. It’s important to do some digging into the intranet’s level of customizability.

Tips for Selecting An Adaptable Intranet

1. Decentralized Publishing

Starts creating interesting and useful content for an intranet, multiple authors are needed. Is there a way to modify your program so that it better motivates various writers to contribute to my company?

With the various user roles available in Interact, multiple people can contribute to an intranet’s content creation without sharing administrative responsibilities. This improves employee contributions and guarantees that publishing is distributed across a wide group of people, rather than being stifled by a small group of authors. Meanwhile, comms managers can keep a firm grip on the platform and its contents by adjusting access and permissions.

Such a type of interaction is essential for an intranet to remain current. Parts played by:

  • Advanced Users – have complete freedom over the product (e.g., all settings, configuration)
  • Administrators – have complete authority over a website (e.g., Marketing or Sales) Users with Author privileges can contribute to a site by creating, editing, and deleting posts
  • Authors- can draft articles that must be reviewed and approved by the Administrator (via workflow and notifications) before they are made public.

Additional access levels are available in certain Interact applications. For instance, blogging can be made available to all employees or restricted to the management team and higher. Organizations of any size can take advantage of these permissions to grow their scalable intranet.

2. Affordability and Brand

Can the look and feel of your employee engagement platform be customized to suit the requirements of the organization that is going to employ it?

To ensure that your company’s customized intranet reflects its values and culture, our designers will work closely with you to gain a deep understanding of your business. Investing in an intranet that can be tailored to your business’s needs and serves as an extension of your brand can do wonders for morale and productivity.

The process of personalization for your intranet is straightforward so when the time comes for a redesign. Use a variety of plug-ins to construct web pages, reorder and resize content with a click of a mouse, and more.

The ability to choose from a variety of aesthetic options is especially helpful for conglomerates that own a number of different brands under their wing. Users will be associated with their brand while feeling like they belong to a larger community.

The social mobile app can be further customized with the company’s distinct branding. As a result, your company’s identity is bolstered across more channels, and your employees have a richer, more personalized experience on your adaptable intranet.

3. UI / UX

In what ways does the platform support a joyful and stress-free experience for all workers? Users are able to view content in a variety of formats, including desktop, responsive (i.e. mobile and tablet), and native mobile apps.

Once selected managers can determine the look and feel of your mobile app’s native intranet, down to the individual pages and content items (e.g., horizontal or vertical scrolling of content). The distribution of mobile apps can be facilitated by mobile device management (e.g., MobileIron, Microsoft Intune) and mobile application management (e.g., white labeling for enhanced brand recognition).

The use of business apps to access content is another option. Teams and Slack, for instance, both have a feature that displays channel publishing upgrades. For even more centralized content and communication management, consumers may utilize the Engage intranet platform from within the Teams app.

4. Template Designs

Can the product allow for non-developer design templates to be created, shared, and reused?

Interact includes a variety of template formats to get you started. There are numerous title styles available, as well as image placement options, table layouts, and much more in these samples. On a regular basis, we develop customized templates to meet the specific needs of our clients.

The content editor allows users who aren’t software developers (intranet authors) to make their own templates, which can help encourage originality and differentiation in internal use. The rest of the users of the adaptable intranet platform can make use of these resources.

Users can create a single template (including plug-ins, images, and content layout) and use it for multiple audiences on your homepage or landing page. More than 30 content objects (such as social media feeds, calendars, and more) are at your disposal for use in creating a fully personalized homepage for your company intranet.

5. Programmer Assistance

How do you encourage further intranet development and customization? Do you offer developer resources like application programming interfaces (APIs) and software development?

Despite being a complete, out-of-the-box intranet solution, Interact provides a lot of customization options via its Programmer Framework. With this framework, companies can tailor their user experience and create useful integrations.

The Programmers Framework can increase the uptake of your adaptable intranet by making it possible to do things like add a mission-critical app to the webpage or incorporate specialized data sources into search results.

Conclusions on Selecting the Best Personalised Intranet

Even though the corporate software we employ on a daily basis is vital for getting our jobs done, only the company intranet truly feels like “home” online. Setting up a system that addresses your organization’s specific challenges can seem insurmountable. Still, we hope that you’ll be better prepared to begin these conversations with the knowledge and set of questions we’ve provided.



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