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So what’s the one way that can boost your employee engagement?

Personalised Intranet That Engages Employees

How to Build a Customized Intranet For a Bank That Engages Employees?

Building a customized intranet that involves employees is key for banks to keep their organizations engaged and connected. A modern intranet should not only provide employees with a smooth and intuitive experience but also help them get their job done. To ensure a successful intranet, banks should focus on the following: By taking these steps, banks can create a customized intranet that will engage their employees, help them do their job more efficiently, and ensure that the organization remains connected. What do today’s digital organizational intranet customers expect? Today’s banking customers expect a modern intranet platform that enhances their online How to Build a Customized Intranet For a Bank That Engages Employees?

Gamification in the Workplace

The Psychology of Gamification in the Workplace

Do you realize how significantly the social game experience in the workplace increases employee engagement? What Exactly is Gamification? It’s not intended to make work into a game, though. It plays on the psychology that motivates human engagement—the need to compete, advance, and outdo—while also providing a quick reward. Technology is only a tool for applying that psychology to the world of business. Engagement is an ongoing issue. It’s only getting more and more significant. Employees have long lamented favoritism, a lack of feedback, a lack of openness, and ambiguous goals, all of which undermine both individual employee dedication and The Psychology of Gamification in the Workplace

Decreasing Employee Engagement

7 Signs of Low Employee Engagement

Low engagement among staff members is a major problem for any organization since negative attitudes and outlooks can quickly spread like wildfire. It’s essential to identify when someone is losing motivation early on so issues can be addressed and misunderstandings cleared up. To help managers in this process, here are 7 warning signs that point to decreasing employee engagement. 1. Declining Quality Of Work When employee performance starts to slip, it can be a sign of decreasing engagement and disinterest in the job. Rather than punishing or reprimanding them, try having an honest conversation with them about what’s causing their 7 Signs of Low Employee Engagement


3 Easy Ways To Use Gamification In Your Employee Onboarding Process

It is found that 31% of employees have quit the company within their first six months. Of these, a large chunk of employees alludes to the lack of fun at work and training sessions. Gamification as an onboarding strategy serves two main goals that are to make training fun and to accelerate the pace of learning. Why Use Gamification for Onboarding? Gamification is essentially the use of concepts which is widespread in traditional video games to motivate and boost users’ encouragement to perform certain tasks. In employee training, reward points and badges motivate the user to learn and complete the 3 Easy Ways To Use Gamification In Your Employee Onboarding Process