How Employee Onboarding Software helps HR Department

Date: 11-Jun-2019

Employee Onboarding Software helps HR Department

In every organization, the HR department has one of the primary responsibilities which is to recruit new employees and ensure they are up to speed. It is essential that the HR department should be properly onboard in order to onboard others. There are some ways that employee onboarding software helps to cut costs and improves employee retention.

a) Imparts practical experience without the risk:

The HR department has a variety of tasks to tackle ranging from evaluating the candidates to providing new hires with all the information they needed once they are onboarded. There are also ongoing job responsibilities such as keeping employees up to date with the new compliance policies of the organization. Employee Onboarding Software gives you the opportunity to impart real-world experience without taking any risks. For example, HR can hire new job candidates by interviewing them on company policy and data privacy laws.

b) Keeps them up-to-date on company policy:

Employee Onboarding Software helps the HR department to master all the company policies which they need to impart to their co-workers so that they can quickly update the content.

c) Offers moments of need support:

A basic advantage of investing in employee onboarding software is giving new hires/employees access to autonomous support tools. This enables one to quickly bridge the skills gap or improve task performance. Employee onboarding software enables them to get the online resources they require whenever the need arises, instead of asking a manager for help or simply performing a task incorrectly until someone points out the mistake. It also maximizes employees’ investment and engagement at work. These support tools keep new hires happy on the job and build self-confidence. Thereby, boosting employee retention rates and decreasing new hire training expenses for their replacements.

d) Turns veteran employees into peer mentors:

Employee onboarding software facilitates peer-based knowledge sharing. the seasoned employees become peer mentors who help new hires to improve task performances. Employees can use built-in video conferencing and social learning tools to collaborate and catch up on a weekly basis.

e) Allows for greater onboarding personalization:

Everyone who enters the organization must have personalized resources that target existing gaps. Employee Onboarding Software allows for greater personalization to assign specific resources or support tools based on the areas for improvement.

f) Detailed reports highlight the areas for improvement:

Employee Onboarding software gives access to report the tracks of individual progress and performance. However, HR Department can also identify areas for improvement pertaining to the onboarding strategy. For example: if the new recruits are finding difficulties to complete their tasks then the HR should be able to identify which online training resources are most challenging and then figure out why there is a disconnect. It could be that the online designs are way too cluttered and the new employees aren’t able to absorb information which leads to frustration and diminished productivity.

Thus, the HR Department needs to be prepared for every wave of new hires. HR staff should have in-depth knowledge of policies, protocols, and compliance issues so that they can pass them on to employees. Employee Onboarding Software gives you the opportunity to check all these items off the list and improve ROI.


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