Social Media Platforms have mastered in Employee Onboarding

Date: 25-Jun-2019

Onboarding is critical but often overlooked as a part of the hiring process. Nowadays most of the leading tech companies in the U.S. have taken new employee onboarding to the next level. They have pulled some great ideas which will help you to take your company’s onboarding program to the next level.

a) Google Team-centric onboarding:

In most large companies, new hire onboarding is a unified affair. HR plays a major role in coordinating onboarding events monthly, where many new hires are pushed through a process of paperwork completion and employee handbook reviews. Here, Google takes a different approach and assigns onboarding down to the team level. Google is a company that blindly trusts its individuals to do their best and their onboarding approach is another example of that philosophy in practice. The impact of this approach is slightly different from one team to the next. The best process is identified and a new onboarding baseline is set with the help of Google’s data-driven ethos.

b) LinkedIn It’s all about you:

LinkedIn has finally chosen to focus on its new hire onboarding to make sure that every individual understands how the next 90 days will look like in the company and what all benefits and programs are available for them. LinkedIn provides its new hire employees with a “new hire onboarding roadmap” which clearly states the next 12 weeks of their life in LinkedIn and it also states what is expected from them. They get every information that they need to know to successfully execute the roadmap. It’s all part of building the ownership mindset that LinkedIn credits in part for its growth over the years.

c) Twitter from ‘yes’ to desk:

Twitter’s onboarding process is carefully managed that follows 75 distinct touch points between the new hire, HR team, and hiring manager. Their main focus is to deliver an exceptional experience to the new team member from the moment they agree to join the company. Twitter has made the very intentional decision to ensure that period of time between offer acceptance and your first day is a fantastic experience so you can hit the group running. They don’t leave a single chance, your equipment, phone, system access, and workspace are all systematically provisioned accordingly.


So what’s the one way that can boost your employee engagement?

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