Benefits Of Using Video For Employee Onboarding

Date: 01-Jul-2019

Benefits Of Using Video For Employee Onboarding

It is already difficult to hire or promote qualified candidates if there is a labor shortage and skills gap. According to an article from SHRM, new employees who went through a proper and structured onboarding program were 65 % more likely to be with the organization after three years. Nowadays, employees are eager to learn about the company, their department, and their new role. They want to match the speed of other existing employees as quickly as possible so that they start doing their job and increase their work performance.

Here, the question arises of how to build this enthusiasm and high engagement and make the first impression strong. One thing that can be done is by incorporating video for blending the onboarding experience in a perfect manner.

Benefits of using video for Employee Onboarding

  • Accessibility: Many videos are available on demand. New hires can watch and re-watch as many times as they feel. Hold on to the new person’s excitement and let them start onboarding on their own time. They can watch the videos at home, at night, or on the weekend. In-person onboarding conversations and meetings can get delayed when regular work becomes more urgent or important therefore videos are there when the employee needs them.
  • Consistency: With the help of video, ideal content is delivered exactly the same to everyone. It gives assurance that the correct tone is conveyed with specific language to them every time. In this, an HR or supervisor can also try to change things up to keep it interesting.
  • Efficiency: New employees can watch their onboarding videos, take notes and get their information and queries solved immediately. This saves time for the HR department which has to repeat these meetings and conversations over and over. It also saves time for the new hire employees by eliminating longer training sessions and listening to the unrelated questions of other new hires. Videos provide the foundation and the HR department provides the personalized details.
  • Connections: It has been argued that using videos and technology for onboarding employees is less personal than a live event making to achieve a strong connection with the new hire but if the live onboarding event takes place in an auditorium and lasts for several hours, there may be less of a connection. To help create an immediate connection between the company and the new person, a series of onboarding videos can help to build that connection.

Therefore, onboarding videos offer a simple way to effectively communicate important information that plain verbal explanations cannot do justice. Developing an interesting video allows you to create high-quality content that’s easy to modify and update when laws or policies change.


So what’s the one way that can boost your employee engagement?

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