Modern Digital Workplace is currently making Waves in your Office…

Date: 17-Sep-2019

Do you agree?

Is your workplace looking different than before?

  • Are you still having a storage room filled with files in cabinets and other external computer equipments?
  • Is more than half of your cubicle now occupied by a monitor and computer tower?
  • Do you even head off to a physical office location or site anymore?

Let’s bite the bullet; the modern DIGITAL WORKPLACE looks poles apart.

One thing is firm: technology is going to keep on making waves, changing work environment for us all and still there are some trends that are going to make a big impact on your office today.

The digital workplace describes how technology is gradually creating a virtual equivalent environment of the physical workplace, and how this trend permits businesses to rethink traditional processes in increasing efficiency. Are you geared up? Check out these five trends that are making their way into workplaces across the globe.

1) Cloud and On premise solutions

Cloud workplace solutions

  • Are you still having a storage room filled with files in cabinets and other external computer equipments?
  • Is more than half of your cubicle now occupied by a monitor and computer tower?
  • Do you even head off to a physical office location or site anymore?

On Premise Enterprise intranet solutions

Although cloud intranet results in extraordinary workplace, it has some disadvantages too:

a) Loss of control

There is one code base provided by a cloud intranet service provider to multiple companies. Although it has cloud-based intranet solutions, clients have to suffer loss of control. For example, the service provider can change features without taking client requirements into account.

b) Expensive scalability

As an organization’s business demands grow, cost of utilizing cloud intranet also grows.
Creative Social Intranet can be deployed on cloud as well on premise. If you are looking for a cost effective solution for long run and carry arge number of employees in your organization, Creative Social Intranet On premise solution will serve your purpose.

2) Virtualized Desktop infrastructure

  • VDI or virtual desktop infrastructure started a blaze in all industries.
  • Did you ever bring work home from the office only to comprehend you can’t do it as you require something from your workplace computer?
  • With VDI, employees can see their work desktop from anywhere any time enabling them to work from practically anywhere across the globe. To conclude this isn’t really only about VDI, it’s also about mobility. The future workplace permits the employee to do everything they did in the office, no matter where they are. That’s the objective for companies today who are transforming their workplaces.

3) Advancements to the IT User practices

  • Your employees are your first customer. Thus it’s important focusing on your employee user experience now to the same degree that you do on your customer experience. It’s important to Let your employees use the devices and programs they need and thus instead of shying away from this, you should embrace your own devices.
  • This gives the final users the power to choose the device or programs they feel most comfortable while performing work. It’s a win-win for all parties involved.

4) More IoT to Improve Workflow

How many IoT connected devices do you currently have in your office work place?
Are IoT devices changing the way business is carried out?

IoT devices are conducted in industries such as manufacturing and production—but other creative companies other than these industries are also finding multiple uses for IoT devices. Elegant Devices such as smart sensors and workflow triggers are making it simple to streamline workflows, monitor and gain skill at work.

5) Eradicating the Bureaucracy

Now that we have the technology advancement with us, it’s the right time to get rid of the excessively complicated and difficult administrative processes that slows down the progress. This trending within the current modernised digital workplace is creating action-oriented work processes and forms that are giving the employees more and more responsibility and pressure instead of creating rather more detailed and ineffective processes. Bureaucratic processes in general don’t really add any worth to the desired outcome, instead it impacts our productivity and thereby also efficiency.

How will this happen?

This can happen by taking regular and extremely monotonous work and then simplifying it using digital technologies such as various apps, multiple platforms, workflow management and many more.

It’s now or never. Currently it’s the right time to clinch on technology to remain competitive and to improvise your business monetarily as a whole.

As the digital transformation making waves in our offices, these workplace trends will be at the front position of a wave that will only continue to gain impetus momentum as next generation technologies like the AI and Intelligent Automation takes hold.

Why only Creative Social Intranet for digital workplace?

Creative Social Intranet has a long served workplace transformations across the globe and many industries, and we are the best among many other service provider as we know how to deliver the benefits of a digital workplace.

Our vibrant and mutually collaborative approach rotates around people in finding the right mix blend of technology and services to drive the finest possible business outcomes to attain great success. And do remember, at Creative Social Intranet we always offer and recommend choices and flexibility in how you desire to work with us.



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