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So what’s the one way that can boost your employee engagement?

Modern Digital Workplace

Modern Digital Workplace is currently making Waves in your Office…

Do you agree? Is your workplace looking different than before? Let’s bite the bullet; the modern DIGITAL WORKPLACE looks poles apart. One thing is firm: technology is going to keep on making waves, changing work environment for us all and still there are some trends that are going to make a big impact on your office today. The digital workplace describes how technology is gradually creating a virtual equivalent environment of the physical workplace, and how this trend permits businesses to rethink traditional processes in increasing efficiency. Are you geared up? Check out these five trends that are making their way into workplaces Modern Digital Workplace is currently making Waves in your Office…

Creative Social intranet

The benefits of workplace collaboration and communication with Workplace alternative

What are the benefits of a social networking intranet application to the enterprise? Why Creative Social Intranet is the best alternative to the Workplace by Facebook? Creative Social Intranet is the only Social Intranet, a modern workplace solution available on-premise, on hybrid solutions as well as on the cloud. With the growing number of features like And many more… Creative Social Intranet is used by top Indian Conglomerates. Creative has received 4.5-star reviews in Capterra, A Gartner-owned genuine software review company.