HR vital role Sustaining Employee Engagement via SME Growth

Date: 23-Sep-2019

How does SMEs sustain employee engagement through growth?

What HR essentials you need to meet to stay on in the business?

  • The ultimate objective of every entrepreneur is to grow their business and make profit. To achieve this goal, they need great business skills, technical and administrative expertise, and also a dedicated engaged workforce.
  • In general, growing and functioning of a small business can be a complex process and thus a lot of factors will affect the final outcome.
  • Perhaps to conclude, we can say that one of the biggest areas that business masters need to pay attention must be employee engagement.
  • Lack of a committed, responsive and engaged workforce in today’s dynamic economy challenges can prove to be difficult for business growth.

Hence, how will a small business unit sustain employee engagement through growth?

Listed below are the HR software essentials a business needs to focus on to maximize their employee engagement and hence boost their growth.

1. Employee Learning

Employees are one of the most vital and biggest asset of business’s and thus important for business growth. Leaders, who understand their team members’ strengths and weaknesses are always able to attain the targeted goals, maximize collaboration and team work and consequently improve the productivity. This kind of superior culture promotes adaptableness and resilience. It includes educating employees on the basis of their strengths and enabling them to make contributions to the business on the whole beyond their personal interests.

2. Employee voice

Valuable employee voice is necessary for innovation, productivity, and organizational development and progress. Creating opportunities for workers to have a voice at work is a fundamental aspect of regarding them as lawful and valuable stakeholders in the employer- employee relationship. It is practically impossible to maintain a positive employee attitude without listening to them. Real-time feedback is necessary. An annual employee engagement survey isn’t sufficient for valuable feedback.
When you trigger employee voice you need to get to the root cause of problems and quickly to compel on them, solve them to attain stronger business outcomes. Worker’s genuine voices need to be truly heard at the workplace so as to thrive them and hear about their ideas, which is necessary for innovation. Employee voice is one of the essential seven pillars for structuring employee productivity. When employees aren’t given a chance to voice, it damages the leadership honesty, therefore creating a culture of ‘us and them’.

3. Effective Communication

Effective communication is essential for business growth. Growth in any business unavoidably means welcoming change and some employees may be resistant to this. Effective internal communication is very crucial for developing trust through vital times of change and uncertainty.

Communication is the most overlooked. To achieve effective communication for engagement through growth, HR can:

  • Keep messages simple and clear with an appropriate level of information
  • Be open and honest
  • Be clear
  • Be transparent
  • Be passionate

HR will need to work personally with leaders and managers to ensure communications are passed on timely and effectively. Employees should to be kept in the loop most of the time in order to understand where the business is heading and how their role is contributing to its growth and progress. Most importantly, employees must to feel that their opinions and voice matters.

4. Reward and recognition

The deepest principle in human nature is the craving to be noticed and appreciated, in other words, recognised and rewarded for their contribution. One of the most effortlessly executed tactic for employee engagement and their retention is employee recognition. Workplace recognition not only motivates employees abut also lets them know they are valued. A global survey of more than 200,000 employees across 500 organizations showed that only 21 percent of employees said they felt strongly valued at workplace. When these employees were asked reason of why they felt undervalued, they pointed to a lack of not being appreciated and recognized. It is most likely that employees will at some point of periods of rapid growth, go above and ahead of to manage the irresistible workload and solve problems. Rewards and Recognition play an effective role in improving performance, increasing employee engagement, and creating a strong culture. Both rewards and recognition lead to the ultimate desired performance; thus they say ‘what gets rewarded gets repeated’.


Thus for employee engagement and retention, switch to Creative Social Intranet services, we have loads of features best suitable for your business.

Creative Social Intranet believes:

  • Employee engagement matters to business.
  • Disengaged employees have an overall negative effect on fellow workers and thus on the business as a whole.
  • Gearing up a small or medium venture in the course of growth is challenging. It requires good leaders, and managers who act with integrity and also employees who are ready to go that extra mile.
  • Engaged employees are essential for business growth and success.
  • HR plays an important role in keeping employees in the loop.
  • Learning and growing opportunities, continuous and useful feedbacks, better communications, and timely employee rewards and recognition are essential forces for sustaining engagement as a business develops.


So what’s the one way that can boost your employee engagement?

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