Turn your Employees into Assets

Date: 13-Sep-2019

Employee Assets

Your people can be one of your Greatest Asset – but it all depends on how you actually treat them!

Miserable and Unhappy employees can cost companies billions of money every year in form of lost revenues, adjustments and other compensations. One such research conducted by Gallup states that disengaged employees cost companies a bomb; almost $450-to-$550 billion is lost productivity each year due to poor performance and elevated absenteeism.

There are a few companies’ that still appreciate micromanagement. Here it is witnessed that few of the most loyal dignified employees become so disengaged towards the end that their pay check became their sole motivation till they finally left.

And so we can conclude vigorously that Micromanagement is an absolute waste of time! It sucks the life out of employees high time and also creates anxiety and a highly stressful work environment.

Numerous Researches have shown it time and again that when your employees are well connected and engaged, it’s needless to say your business blooms.

There is an economic bond between employee satisfaction and the company’s financial performance. A blissful workplace culture does translate into better stock returns.

Thus, Happy Employees => Happy clients => Happy Investors.

The frontier employees are the ones who always know your customers best; they interact with them on daily basis. They have the answers on how to improve customer service, customer satisfaction and also your products. These employees use your internal machinery, tools and systems daily. They have the expertises on how to improve the working systems that can help to save money by driving efficiencies.

Remember only when you empower your employees; you can promote their vested interest in the company.

Again, this will allow creativity and innovation in the workplace which is a must to succeed in today’s unpredictable markets.

CFO asks CEO: “What happens if we invest in developing our employees and then they leave us?”

CEO: “What happens if we don’t, and they stay?”

Employees are the spine of any business organization. Hence, in order to remain strong in an industry, employees have to be kept pleased and happy.

All Employees want is taxing challenging work, proper recognition, due respect, unconditional support in difficult times, opportunities for personal growth and advancement and most importantly they want to be treated as human beings.

This is not too much they are asking for. Is it?

Now let’s get know ‘How you Treatment to your Employees, will Determine the Fate of your company’

  • Firstly, mind this that your employees are your most valuable asset – you can’t take them for granted or treat them poorly.
  • They are also your best and foremost brand ambassadors. Your employees will end up treating customers the same way you treat them.
  • If your Employees have been pushed to the point where they no longer bother or care, will never go that extra mile. They will also not take any initiative to solve problems.
  • Your Employees are the heart beat of your organization. And wonder what will happen if the heart stops beating…?

“To be kind is more important than to be right. Many times, what people need is not a brilliant mind that speaks but a special heart that listens.”

“TRAIN people well enough so they can leave. TREAT them well enough so they don’t want to.”-Richard Brason.

How to Energize your work experience?

There is a bucket of evidence that indicates how healthier employees are more engaged and more productive.

Let’s sit down with a few executives and CEOs, and ask them questions about their employee’s engagement with their work. The question be like:

  • Is your workforce physically and emotionally committed to the organization and its goals?
  • Do they literally understand how their contributed work results in consequential outcomes?
  • Do they come to work every day with a defined passion, purpose, presence, and energy ?

To arrive at the point where work becomes its own reward, firstly leaders will need to practice deep strong listening.

They need to undertake employee engagement on an individual basis. They need to craft teams that will challenge and bring out the best in each team member.

Thus you can say that, engagement is not just an HR issue, but it is a leadership issue.

1. Nosh the mind-body connection

Exercise is conditional not only for our heart, muscles, and lungs, but also for our brains.

Broadly framed Wellness programs and exercises, we are able to focus better, concentrate more and are less prone to distraction, depression, and also anxiety. Peak performance is something within reach for all of us, in our own way, and this starts with the mind-body connection.

Just as we can talk about well-conditioned athletes, we can also talk about well-conditioned employees. We frame such wellness programs in terms of particularly life goals, and not just merely narrow business or health goals.

2. The well of well-being

Tower approach to employee engagement signifies making your precious employees wellbeing an essential component in your long-term strategic vision. Short-term involvements might produce minor gains in certain fields, but they will not convert your workplace or boost the morale of your employees.



So what’s the one way that can boost your employee engagement?

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