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So what’s the one way that can boost your employee engagement?

On-boarding buddy

Why every new employee needs an on boarding buddy?

Bringing a new employee onboard can be both an exciting and stressful all at the same time. And if managers play a vital role in shaping the new employees’ first few weeks and months, a good team effort will ensure positive and productive experience. Over the years, many multinationals has been working to improvise on its employee onboarding process. A simple action like managers having one-on-one meetings with their new hires during their first week on the job has its own outsized benefits. Onboarding hires also play a crucial role in ensuring management of a successful onboarding experience. Onboarding buddies help the fresh Why every new employee needs an on boarding buddy?

Employee Assets

Turn your Employees into Assets

Your people can be one of your Greatest Asset – but it all depends on how you actually treat them! Miserable and Unhappy employees can cost companies billions of money every year in form of lost revenues, adjustments and other compensations. One such research conducted by Gallup states that disengaged employees cost companies a bomb; almost $450-to-$550 billion is lost productivity each year due to poor performance and elevated absenteeism. There are a few companies’ that still appreciate micromanagement. Here it is witnessed that few of the most loyal dignified employees become so disengaged towards the end that their pay Turn your Employees into Assets