Social Intranet: A Motor for Digital Transformation

Date: 03-Oct-2019

Digital Transformation

Digital transformation is a big challenge for organisations today around the globe. That’s often because new digital products and businesses are the prime focus. But one big move here can indeed be a company’s very own intranet, as Creative Social Intranet shows. Creative Social Intranet is a thorough expert for all types of digital platforms and workspaces that also develops individual solutions. The intranet gives you a relatively clear idea about how well a company is prepared for the digitalisation. As expected, the digitalisation in companies is initially connected with technological criteria’s and mainly challenges the IT department.

The digital transformation is generally connected with social and communicative change in organizations. Here, the social intranet comes into light. For several companies today, social intranet functions as the main medium for internal communication. And this is expanded by the social functions such as sharing, liking, commenting, uploading files and images and also interacting with fellow co-workers. Employees already are acquainted with these features from social networks. The social intranet just uses the same functions, without simply duplicating social networks.

“It breathes through the participation of employees.”

So how exactly does the social intranet looks?

  • Well, it depends on companies’ individual needs. As different as businesses are themselves, are the requirements for their intranet too.
  • Huge, decentralised companies with offices in different cities make use of the intranet to share information and data, so that all employees have the same level of knowledge and updates.
  • Alternatively for smaller companies, the focus may lie on more project work and collaboration from sites or time zones.
  • Creative Social Intranet uses an individual approach since standard solutions cannot fulfil diverse demands.
  • During the formation phase it first has to be clear what the exact requirements are and how will the new intranet interact with legal systems.
  • ‘User centred design’ is the key word here. It has been seen that individual solutions work better because of their suability and efficiency and also gain a higher acceptance. Thus making the intranet a driver for the digital transformation in companies.


Here is the detailed list of things to must do while starting up your Intranet Project


  • Find the prime purpose and set goals accordingly.
  • Raise the right questions.
  • Pay attention to your end-users’ needs.
  • Listen to your employees and stakeholders to understand better why the organisation needs a change.
  • Focus on negative low points and the low hanging gains.
  • Get management involvement and sponsorship from CEO.
  • Build cross-functional team.
  • Identify representatives.
  • Co-create, i.e. involve employees at every stage in the process.
  • Engage diverse groups (touch all departments).
  • Involve as many people as you can.
  • Make sure employees are owners of the project.
  • Pick apparatus and tools which suits the culture and the business requirements.
  • Give Dimensions to the tool in order to be transversal to the entire company, making sure no one is excluded.
  • Build a all-inclusive change plan too.
  • Prop up a fully allied top-down communication.
  • Find a appealing and catchy name for the intranet.
  • Make sure it is clear “what’s in it for the workforce”.
  • There must be a routine need to go to the intranet daily.
  • Allow scope for growth and learning.
  • Keep Measuring progress against business prime objectives.
  • Give it time to develope.
  • Keep growing as a “have” for the employees and the supervisors to reach their goals


  • Do it for a single department.
  • Forget to involve employees at any level.
  • Start with the solution first.
  • Select a tool based merely on promotion or marketing basis.
  • Just buy a tool because others have selected that one.
  • Just make it “another tool” in your company.
  • Treat it as a corporate communication project or an IT project.
  • Do a big grand launch for the whole intranet at the same time.
  • Focusing only on analytics on activity numbers

Social intranet’s role at your digital workplace

The past years has been a learning revolution for all businesses; big and small. And this is Not just in terms of technology barely, but also the manner in we connect and exchange information is continuously changing and evolving. Many organizations now have finally discovered the flexibility of a implanting social intranet as that can adapt these twists and turns of the complex business environment with its capability to incorporate applications and develop new functions. Smartphone’s are now the new accommodations at workspaces all over the world. There is less boundary between cell phones and PCs – plenty of work can be easily done on a phone or a computer. With this in mind, Creative Social Intranet provides mobile-enabled features that can support the digitally-focused diverse workforce on a move too. This eases the runway for people around the world to build a virtual office wherever they are, whenever they are.

Connecting, collaborating and communicating with colleagues across the world was never this easy.



So what’s the one way that can boost your employee engagement?

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