Digital Transformation

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Digital Transformation

Historically, outrages of epidemics have created a disheartening effect on humankind. Today Covid- 19 pandemic is not an exception. The majority of the population has been quarantined at home, on the remote mode via Zoom, Hangouts, or Skype. First time ever in the whole generation such an immediate and unprecedented global problem has impacted a large number of lives across the globe. Whatsoever this situation has been so far, history also complies that the human spirit still prevails in such a face of challenge. A crucial responsive action against such a pandemic will critically affect the digital landscape. Such adaptive Digital Transformation

Social Intranet: A Motor for Digital Transformation

Digital transformation is a big challenge for organisations today around the globe. That’s often because new digital products and businesses are the prime focus. But one big move here can indeed be a company’s very own intranet, as Creative Social Intranet shows. Creative Social Intranet is a thorough expert for all types of digital platforms and workspaces that also develops individual solutions. The intranet gives you a relatively clear idea about how well a company is prepared for the digitalisation. As expected, the digitalisation in companies is initially connected with technological criteria’s and mainly challenges the IT department. The digital Social Intranet: A Motor for Digital Transformation

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Why Companies Fail In Their Digital Transformation Journeys?

Every company is leveraging some or other form of digital transformation, but the reason why many digital transformations are failing is that people do not understand why the organization needs to change in the first place. It is important that the companies understand the HWW(How, When and Why) of why they need to be a part of the digital transformation wave. Here are 3 reasons why companies fail in their digital transformation journey: 1. Constricted with Technology We are confined to the problems we face with technology and every time we make a change in one part of our strategy or detail, we need to update the entire process. Why Companies Fail In Their Digital Transformation Journeys?