HR Intranet Software

HR intranet software

Creating social paths for employees within the company through Creative HR Intranet software

HR Intranet software

Why your company needs Human Resource Intranet?

Innovation and Creativity have become essential facets to be adopted by businesses and companies. Be it a small company or a large enterprise, every business expects an effective working environment. HR intranet with a social touch has risen as a great tool to manage projects and assignments within an organization through its useful tools and features. Our HR intranet software provides your employees and organization an interface as interesting as Facebook and efficient as employee intranet, to achieve the business goals.

Importance of HR intranet & How To Use It

Globalization in the business world has led to companies spreading their services to different regions across the globe. With this, number of employees working remotely has increased drastically in recent years. How it affected Human Resource (HR)Departments?

Apart from spread of businesses, modern-day employees also have an option of working from different locations. To ensure that a company stay connected with these employees, HR has to adapt accordingly. For this, they need specially designed HR software which allows collaboration and management. As email and traditional collaboration tools are outdated and slow, human resource intranet software comes into play.

HR intranet software

What’s Makes The Best HR Intranet Software

Human resource’s work includes managing employee record, processing transactions and providing necessary information to remote as well as in-house employees. To ensure smooth flow of data transformation, it is necessary to use up-to-date HR management software which is equipped with latest features and helpful HR intranet content.

The best HR intranet software will:

  • Allow human resources to make necessary changes in existing policies and distribute them among employees from different regions of the globe.
  • Allow collection of information and distribution among authorized employees.
  • Allow human resources and employees to stay in contact with each other. They can use the platform to discuss leaves and apply for applications.
  • Allow HR to develop hr software solutions to train new recruiters and tell them about company policies.
  • Allow data storage, which further can be used to make crucial decisions for the company.
  • Allow HR department to decide employee perks and distribute them. Apart from that, the software should allow keeping track of birthdays, attendance, awards, and use the database for future use.

Human Resource Management Software

Serving as an effective human resource management system, HR intranet software allows human resource department to stay connected with all company employees, handle HR related activities and train new staff. In other terms, HR intranet software can be defined as a tool to handle/pass information, streamline organization process, provide services to employees and support new worker's need to ensure a healthy working environment in a company. There are various kinds of HR activities that can be handled using online software.

Employee Database Management

A key feature of hr intranet portal includes data management and requests from employees. Different zones can be set up to handle different activities related to employees and workplace.

Training to New Employees

Apart from serving as hr database software, the intranet can be used to develop a communication with new staff members and train them for their roles in a department.

Store Important Documents & Manage Policies

On the human resource intranet software, employee data as well as important information can be stored and passed to employees whenever required. For example, new HR policies can be developed and saved over the network which further can be accessed by staff members to understand the changes in policies.

Performance Review

Using the intranet software, employee performance can be reviewed. This can further be used to make decision on appraisal.

Creative Social Intranet cloud solutions as HR management software

As the businesses are growing globally, various kinds of HR software or HR applications have been used by organizations to handle human resource activities and improve engagement. Some of them are off-line Apps used within a company’s premises, while others work over the Internet. Using them, HR department stays connected with employees from other department within an organization to ensure right workplace environment.

Cloud intranet solutions software is the right tool to use as human resource intranet software to manage a company’s HR related activities. Why cloud intranet solutions software is better than others?

Creative Social Intranet is an effective HR management software that utilizes the newest form of technology and approaches to manage HR activities. Apart from that, it is easy to deploy and comes with customizing option, which allows a company to make necessary changes to software features as per the requirement. Creative Social Intranet is the right HR intranet to use and fulfill all purposes related to human resources. It is equipped with latest technology and includes features that empower employee engagement and leads to a smart workplace.

Some features that make Creative Social Intranet the best Intranet HR:

  • Easy to deploy, access and maintain
  • It can be customized as per company’s requirements, and can be deployed in a short span of time
  • Latest technology is used to develop right cloud intranet solutions
  • It offers flexible solutions to ensure that all HR objectives could be fulfilled
  • It can be integrated with other company Apps to bring all employees on one platform and make them work as a team