Strategic Employee Recognition

Recognize & build 15xStrong Connections

When great work is consistently recognized you create a sense of belonging to succeed with you in the longer run.

Employee rewards and recognition portal
Appreciation can go a long way

A drive to great retention from resignation

Nothing else can boost the confidence of your employees than a genuine recognition and acknowledgement of their sincere and outstanding efforts. A mere Thankyou note from an employer or a token of appreciation from colleagues and seniors can transform the way your employees feel about the organization. Strategies, tools and your ways of showing that you care and you know it can magically boost loyalty of your employees. We offer tools for employee rewards and recognition.

Intranet automation and mobility

Digitize & Automate Rewards & Recognition

Creative employee recognition tool in our enterprise intranet platform can help organizations build a social and gamified rewards and recognition program for your workforce, quickly and in a cost-effective way.

The software enables admin and co-workers to nominate, recognize and reward employees using a points-based system. Creative Social Intranet has social features such as a wall of fame (employee profile page) where all rewards will be showcased and gamification features such as leader boards and digital badges.

Building a great company culture

Boost Peer-to-Peer Recognition

Creative Social Intranet offers your employees the flexibility to appreciate their co-workers instantly with peer-to-peer recognition feature in our employee rewards and recognition tool and rekindle their professional relationships on the go.

We take into account some world-class employee appreciation ideas and techniques that rise above the basics and the ordinary.

Employee happiness index and mood tracking

Leverage powerful people analytics

Creative Social Intranet is a powerful employee engagement platform which crunches feedback data, tracks employee activity and creates actionable reports for all your stakeholders. Deep-dive using an intuitive dashboard for more in-depth insights into your employee engagement.

Celebrate every ocassion

Hitting the right cord to bring out the best

Take part in celebrating your coworkers’ accomplishments by rewarding them points and thank them for their contributions. Allow employees to redeem these points.Onboard the trusted employee recognition platform to boost morale and motivation in the workplace.

The process in gamification can help you drive innovation and productivity with gamification of task deadlines that can gamify your entire project management and delivery through some stellar features such as

  • Reward points for each contribution to intranet.
  • Display of points, rewards of each employee on the wall of fame.
  • Opportunity to redeem points to get gifts, vouchers or bonuses etc

Intranet leaderboard

Gamified and Real time Leaderboards

Celebrate employees and co-workers efforts with a virtual, gamified, and real-time leaderboard & let them thrive in a work environment where every member values each other.

Get a bird’s eye view of overall recognition program with our intuitive leaderboard making life of HR easy.

A great company culture starts with recognition

Transform work into celebration by recognizing and rewarding employees

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Redefine Employee Recognition

Innovation in the workplace is the act of implementing creative ideas, approaches, devices, methods, or models of business in a working environment.

The user experience is the aggregate of all that an employee has with an organisation through every phase of their interactions with the organisation.

The effectiveness with which a place uses its resources—people, capital, and natural resources—to create value is what determines its competitiveness.

Quality helps! Professionalism and amateurism are distinguished by quality, and maintaining constant project quality and completing it on schedule requires dedication, focus, and occasionally even guts.

Fun to give, Fun to take, Fun to Redeem

Employee Recognition can Powerfully Boost Productivity

Benefits of rewards and recognition

  • 80% of employees will likely stay in same organization if they are recognized quite often.
  • 75% say frequent manager communication makes them feel motivated and connected to the company.
  • 7/10 employees feel better engaged when their work is tied to your organization’s core values and mission.
  • 5X increased odds of saving money when the company has to replace an employee who recently resigned.


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An R&R program typically stands for “Rest and Relaxation” program. It’s a common term used in various contexts, notably within organizations or institutions that prioritize employee or member well-being…

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Recognition and rewards play crucial roles in fostering a positive work environment and driving organizational success for several reasons…

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What are rewards and recognition in human resources?

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