How to Build a Social Intranet for Remote Workers?

Date: 11-Nov-2022

Remote Workers

According to a recent poll, 87% of employees want to work remotely at least one day a week. Sixty-eight percent of Americans believe that the ideal work environment combines both remote work and on-site work. Your company can attract talent and expertise without having to expand its physical footprint by establishing remote and hybrid work environments. However, establishing an efficient hybrid environment that enables collaboration and communication across teams and departments can be tricky.

The issues and concerns that you need to address in order to effectively manage a remote workforce should be clear to you.

Remote workers and managers face certain difficulties.

In 2020, an extraordinary shift in workplace culture occurred as billions of people continued to keep businesses moving forward from their homes and other remote locations. Now, a hybrid work-life balance is our new normal, as workers are not returning to a physical office or for whom it creates an ideal work-life balance. This new reality may be frustrating for leaders as new barriers to communication and management make efficiency and productivity seem unattainable.

You must acknowledge these key hurdles in order to adapt to this new environment:

  • According to a recent Gallup report, 71% of remote workers expressed a lack of employee engagement, and 85% said they did not receive enough communication at work. It’s not just about emails and newsletters; it’s about employee engagement.
  • Managers find it more difficult to ensure that all tasks are completed and that remote employees are using their time effectively and efficiently in the online work environment. Because they are unable to just pop by someone’s office, many managers rely on bothersome emails and frequent virtual check-ups, which may convey a lack of confidence in their employees.
  • Working together is difficult for remote and hybrid employees because of different time zones and divergent private schedules. An online environment where everyone is able to contribute and has equal access to the necessary documents is crucial for your team.

When you have a better understanding of the key issues you and your remote workers face, you must consider technological solutions. A well-designed intranet can help you navigate the remote work environment.

What is an Intranet?

An internal website or portal that connects employees to their company is known as an intranet. An intranet is an employee-facing company website, communications channel, knowledge management system, and collaboration platform. An intranet is an employee-facing company website, communications channel, knowledge management platform, and collaboration tool. The company’s intranet usually reveals organizational updates such as new hiring announcements, restructuring decisions, employee shout-outs and celebrations, and company news. It can also store company files and internal documents, allowing employees to access them anytime. Employees across teams, departments, and time zones can collaborate asynchronously and in real-time when an intranet is robust.

Employees working on the same platform and communicating more efficiently through the same channels via an intranet boosts collaboration. Communication and connectivity keep employees engaged and, most importantly, increase their levels of productivity. Whether they are in the office or not, employees feel like they are part of the team, thus enhancing the employee experience.

Creative Social Intranet for Remote Workers

You can build a powerful intranet using Creative Social Intranet’s content management system. You can accomplish the following using our virtual library and data hub:

  • Companies can store and organize millions of files and documents.
  • Collaborate on documents with colleagues and co-author them.
  • Post internal news, events, and employee posts to share.
  • A company can build rapport with its employees through surveys and polls.

A comprehensive Social Intranet is imperative for keeping all workers informed from a communications perspective. You may use it to distribute company-wide announcements, human resources information, or even an amusing tale to keep everyone up to date. You may alter templates and modules to reinforce your company’s values, and you may customize controls to suit your preferences. The Shutouts Power App, in addition to allowing team members to send each other messages of encouragement and gratitude, helps build camaraderie and connectivity in a more digital world.


The last two years have seen a significant shift in professional standards. Your company’s future success hinges on how well it adapts to these alterations. Employees who work remotely or are hybrid should be regarded as assets rather than liabilities to your profitability and innovation.



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