Top 3 Social and Engagement Features your Intranet Needs.

Date: 18-Nov-2022

Social Intranet Engagement Features

When it comes to Company Intranet, things have changed a lot. A company intranet is now an important part of internal communications and creates a forum for employees to link. Leadership no longer shouts into the void without any employee response or engagement.

An intranet is a digital version of your company’s physical space, where teams can meet and collaborate. An intranet should serve as a digital picture of your real-world office, house important materials, and be a place where teams can connect. Achieving all these objectives is difficult; your intranet should enable employees to interact, collaborate, and obtain the information they need. In this post, we will discuss the top three social and engagement features that your intranet should offer to ensure your workforce succeeds.

What is the significance of social and engagement features in intranets?

If your employees do not feel compelled or enthused about using your intranet, it is not worth having one. These features are what give employees a voice and allow them to develop relationships and collaborate throughout the company. Furthermore, using social tools to boost communications may increase productivity by as much as 20 – 25%, according to McKinley.

In addition to making employees more productive, social tools help them build connections and establish workplace connections. Having good friends at work, therefore, will only improve job satisfaction. With employee engagement at record-low levels. We must ask whether we are engaging our employees appropriately. With more employees working remotely or hybrid, is your company encouraging engagement in the right way?

Let’s look at some of the best social and engagement features of the Creative Social Intranet that you can utilize…

Groups and Communities

Having a positive connection at work can make all the difference in our day-to-day lives. Working towards a similar vision and sharing the same values as a company, employee connection goes beyond general socializing. Working for the same goal and adhering to the same values, we as individuals experience a culture of connection at work. It brings with it a culture of innovation and growth in addition to a sense of belonging. Company culture is infectious, and employees who are happy with their work will come to work on their own initiative. Groups are an excellent tool for developing and maintaining connectivity at work…

Groups for Work

Do you want to collaborate on projects or set aside a space for your department to interact? With Groups, you can bring people together to collaborate, share resources, and streamline projects for all of your employees—office-based, remote workers, desk less, and more.

Groups for Fun

It is vital that groups are available to employees where they can collaborate and accomplish work, as well as spaces where they can connect and build connections with each other. What better approach to connect than through shared interests? You may set up groups to organize social events in and out of the office, or you may establish a specific interest group. Book clubs, music groups for concertgoers, running groups, and anything else are all welcome! If you’re interested in something or have a hobby, Groups are a terrific way to form friendships with people like yourself.

Social Intranet

We are undoubtedly connected to social networks and we expect the highest level of technology in our day-to-day lives. Why would workplace technology be any different? An intranet with intuitive functionality will aid create an environment where your employees feel comfortable logging in. Let’s examine some of the social aspects that your intranet must include.

Customizable Content

With Creative Social Intranet, you can build a digital extension of your brand that is fully customizable and operates as an intranet. Creating content has never been easier. You can create a variety of content using our advanced tools, including blog series, podcasts, video updates, polls, and more. It’s perfect for boosting engagement and providing employees with the right information.

Group Discussion Forums & Comments

It is crucial for remote and hybrid workers to be able to message their colleagues instantly. This function works like any other social media messaging platform – you can message your colleagues individually, or your team, or create custom teams for specific projects to chat in real-time. Group Discussion Forums connect your workforce no matter where they are.

Employee Recognition

Do you acknowledge your workers and their accomplishments enough? It’s imperative to consider this frequently, as 80% of employees said that they would work harder if they felt more recognized. Use built-in recognition features to celebrate your employees’ successes and commemorate any milestones immediately to boost anyone’s morale instantly.

Pulse Surveys and Polls

Gathering feedback on a regular basis is connected to employee engagement. Your business can benefit from pulse surveys and polls. What’s the big deal? Employees want more frequent surveys. Employees want to be recognized and know their voice matters in the workplace, and that’s exactly what 58% of them want.

Insightful Feedback

Employees being able to voice their opinions in the workplace will show that you value what they have to say and that the ideas they bring to the table can make a big difference. You can create pulse surveys on any subject within minutes to find out precisely how your workforce feels about what is happening day to month and year. It will increase engagement and bring thoughtful comments.

Make your Employees Feel Valued

Giving your employees the chance to provide feedback frequently is great for maintaining a consistent flow of feedback and communicating how they feel about their work and their contribution to the company. This demonstrates how important your employees are to you, as it demonstrates that you value their input and want them to have a say in the direction the company takes.

Target Departments

Have you ever wanted to execute distinct surveys for different departments, or do you desire to target specific departments? Creating custom surveys has never been simpler, with numerous services to assist you in creating thoughtful questionnaires. Want to know what your employees think about anything from anyone in the company? Get an honest picture of what they have to say.


With adaptive and intuitive social and engagement features, your intranet can rise to the next level, allowing engagement and interaction to skyrocket and offering employees a dedicated space to access company information, collaborate on projects, and build meaningful connections with colleagues.



So what’s the one way that can boost your employee engagement?

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