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Date: 01-Aug-2018

The HR function has transformed from administrative to specialist and strategic over the past decade. HR still relies on line managers to ensure employees are motivated, productive, competent, and fully engaged. Therefore these two functions must understand each other and work together but we know this can be challenging.

Human Resources is typically large enough to have specialists to cover the myriad responsibilities related to strategy, process, and compliance. In fairness, these specialists bring very different skill sets: from the financial role in benefits administration to the legal guru in employee relations and compliance.

The bond or partnership between HR and Business can bring about formidable results for the business, and here’s how:

1. Create a Shared Vision and Mission

Every business has some deadlines and targets, and business or line managers will do everything to attain those desired results, because not only is it important for the business and manager, but it is also an important point for the company. Work done in time ensures that new and bigger projects come to the company, and the same can have one biggest game changer: HR.

HR is not just the facilitator; it can also be a booster if it creates a vision and mission that coincides with the overall business need as well as employee growth.

2. Recognize Line Managers as strategic partners of HR

Line managers should be recognized as strategic partners of HR and given recognition and reward for their responsibilities because they are the ones that make every business strive and thrive with achieving targets every time.

If the two divisions can work in coordination, then there is nothing that can’t be attained by any business, be it targets and deadlines or employee satisfaction.

3. HR must support businesses

HR is a support function in a business, and all of us have heard that multiple times during our employment in a company. The keyword in this communication is ‘support.’ Every business requires a department to support it so that it can attain all the desired goals and HR is one such department.



So what’s the one way that can boost your employee engagement?

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