13 Themes for 2023’s Trendy Intranet

Date: 15-Feb-2023

Hot Intranet Trends for 2023

For many of today’s aspiring entrepreneurs, understanding the latest trends in internet use and technology is one of their main interests. Keeping track of what’s going on not just within your own industry, but across the rest of the business landscape means staying ahead of all others. Competition has gotten tighter than ever thanks to advancements in technology – so it’s necessary to keep an eye out for what lies ahead. This especially applies to trends in intranets for 2023. Having well-designed software greatly benefits a company – regardless if you’re busy with everyday tasks or something else.

A modern intranet can facilitate effective collaboration among employees – no matter where they are currently working from. For an intranet to be a long-term and influential investment, keeping tabs on all upcoming trends is essential when searching for your perfect platform; here we explore four future web browser technologies that’ll change everything we know about internet browsing forever!

1. Next-Gen intranets are not just for the professional sector.

When the concept of the next-gen intranet first came to life, it was most commonly associated with the professional or business sector – though this has changed significantly over time. It’s true that a well-designed intranet can make all the difference in connecting for-profit businesses these days; and yet, nowadays, social networks are being embraced by an even wider reach of organizations, ranging from schools and universities to non-profits, churches, and everything else in between. If one wants people within a particular organization to be able to communicate more easily with one another; then a modern intranet could provide just what they need.

2. Multiple Processes are Integrated.

Perhaps the most common focus of modern business is cutting back wasted time and improving productivity in as many ways as possible. Integrating various business processes is one trend in intranets that has been followed for quite some time, and it’s only proving to be more thoroughly embraced as time passes. More often than not, the goal is to cut down on the number of different applications needed throughout the day. By using an intranet to handle all of your scheduling, task management, collaboration, communication, and content creation needs; you will no longer need to rely on outside software because everything will be seamlessly handled inside this single application. Modern intranet software allows you to integrate a multitude of business processes without losing anything between them – which saves time, money, and energy for you and your employees.

3. An Emphasis on Usability and User Demands.

Intranets are transitioning to a more user-centric and personalized focus. This has been fueled by an inclination for simple designs and the integration of social media in practically all aspects of life. Intranets are no different – it’s the name of the game to create a comfortable virtual space where users can interact and be productive without feeling any pangs of anxiety or confusion.

In the early days, some intranet experiences were so bad that simply navigating from one section of your community to another would lead you down a winding maze; but now, with smoother interfaces and improved designs, customer experience becomes paramount – people want what they need when they need it, how they need it—without complications.

4. Gaining Access to Information that might be hidden beneath the surface.

It’s vital to see every organization as being a bunch of people working together. Everyone on your team usually brings something different to the table, which often translates to knowledge that might otherwise remain hidden and unused. Accessing this knowledge does wonders for any company, so why not try it out?

There are countless ways to access information that could potentially be buried deep down inside an Intranet. One way would be through crowdsourcing ideas and solutions — without spending hours trying to find them yourself–which you can use through forum posts, individual or group chats/messaging, or content creation.

And don’t forget: Make sure everyone fills out their profile completely! This helps managers identify experts when needed!

5. Mobile Devices are Supported.

It’s difficult to talk about intranets without considering other areas of technology. Mobile devices, in particular, have led the way for website browsing, and are only going to become more ingrained in our lives moving forward. This means your employees will be using them at work too—especially since they take up so much space in their day-to-day lives. After all, smartphones and tablets don’t typically offer the same experience as laptops when visiting websites. So if you’re looking to stay ahead of the curve, designing a mobile-friendly intranet is key!

6. Self-Hosted Cloud Intranet Services.

There are plenty of reasons why an organization might want to use a cloud-based intranet solution. Cloud hosting has tons of benefits when it comes to security and privacy – both of which can be some of the most important factors for your company. One trend is how more companies are moving towards cloud-based solutions in lieu of self-hosting ones; this preference has been seen over the last few years because there are so many benefits at hand with this type of service – especially when it comes down to efficiency! There’s less stress and confusion involved, too! And while there may still be certain tradeoffs from time to time when it comes to data privacy or security, choosing a reputable provider ensures that these tradeoffs aren’t going to happen. As the cloud grows increasingly popular among businesses across America, box-based solutions have all but faded into obscurity.

7. A Smooth and Well-Designed User Interface.

Focusing on the look and feel of your organization’s modern intranet is essential if you want to ensure its success. Modern professionals are expected to hop between applications like second nature, so to keep this process as smooth as possible, it’s important that they remain comfortable throughout. Software that looks unattractive – or behaves differently from what people might be used to – will only get in the way of productivity and cause users problems. When selecting a platform for your organization’s social intranet, you should always place emphasis on flexibility and customization options. The best intranets will take the most popular features from social media sites (a mixture of work-related content) and integrate them with business practices to produce an experience that can please both new users and those already experienced with modern internet tools. Everything should just ‘work’ without much intervention needed; after all, it’s all about providing some level of comfort while taking advantage of how aesthetically pleasing it can be!

8. Powerful Search and Categorisation

One of the best ways to make your company’s intranet work for you is by using it as a knowledge base. If a business invests wisely in its design – combining an abundance of information about policies, guidelines, and general know-how – it’ll come out with an efficient and intuitive resource that makes sense both visually and functionally. And while cataloging this much information may seem daunting (which is why proper categorization and efficient search tools are key), if done correctly, having all this information available to you at any given moment will ultimately save time spent searching around online or asking co-workers. So before designing anything else on your intranet, consider investing resources into building a tool designed specifically to manage content–one that tags things adequately and creates structures so you can quickly find what you’re looking for when needed!

9. Segmenting by Department or Group.

When you have an organization that consists of many departments, keeping things organized can be challenging. This is especially true when it comes to your organization’s sleek-looking modern intranet, which often provides too much information at once thanks to all the juxtapositioning of topics. The division is one of the rising trends for 2023, and it’s incredibly useful when executed properly. To maximize the usage of division, it’s crucial that your intranet possesses enough ability to divide virtual community members into various web workspaces. By dividing them this way, you allow your marketing team their very own space, as well as separate spaces for various other teams in your company – including yours truly!

10. Transparency and openness.

Transparency and openness are an integral part of today’s work environment, for many reasons. Employees want to know that their ideas are being heard and what information isn’t being withheld from them. Modern CEOs are eager to answer this need, using a modern intranet as just one tool to do so. Being able to communicate openly without the fear of judgment within a virtual community has its perks – you can share schedules, discuss strategies, and easily reply to questions … all while remaining inside the confines of this space. The importance of transparency will only grow further with time; it will prove advantageous if embraced now in order to benefit both yourself and your team members at some point down the line.

11. Integrating Gamification and fun into the mix.

One thing that often gets ignored is the effectiveness of adding something fun to your social intranet. Fun is often associated with wasted time, but it just so happens the exact opposite is often true. Adding fun can be done in a variety of ways, one of them being gamification (like in this article). Gamification can be used to encourage competitive participation within your modern intranet, and you can learn more about it here: How to Motivate Employees with Gamification on Your Intranet. Another way to add some fun is by providing for your employees’ needs and interests; which could also work well during those afternoons, lulls many experiences after a long day at work. You may create spaces specifically devoted to music, art, sports, etc., where people are free to talk about what they’re interested in – which will give an extra boost to both employee engagement and productivity!

12. Attracting Clients to Your Intranet.

Customer service is increasingly becoming more important for businesses as each day goes by. With the goal of keeping customers and clients satisfied, many companies are realizing that the best way to do so is through responding timely to any inquiry or concern they may have.

Many companies now embrace this newest trend of incorporating customer service right into their modern intranet – something your own modern intranet already does as well. Your intranets contain a number of different features that can help provide excellent customer service—from opening cases where necessary to manage them appropriately. And since there’s no such thing as perfect customer service, it’s crucial that you continuously look for new ways to improve upon what you’ve already accomplished – including making sure you’re using these great new trends in your business!

13. Project collaboration.

Project managers of today need the right tools to make every minute count. As they say, there are countless ways to do this – but one that still gets overlooked is using an Intranet! A well-maintained Intranet can make managing even the most challenging of projects feel easy; it’s just about finding what works best for you as a PM. The basics haven’t really changed since decades ago, but how we approach these challenges now certainly has.

One way some project management experts manage challenging tasks at hand is through utilizing certain aspects of their modern IntraNet software! An IntraNet gives PMs access to many online collaboration tools available out there in order to always make every single second count. Don’t miss this opportunity and start clicking away!


Generally, intranet trends are always changing because some are really worth embracing and some just aren’t necessary in the first place. If you can identify those which actually have utility and provide value from the buzz trends that instantly go away, then you’ll be one step closer to running an impactful modern intranet. Be discerning, and the decisions you make will surely benefit your organization in the long run.



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