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Creative Intranet Solutions For Modern Business World

With time, collaboration techniques within an organization have also changed. The modern social intranet has eliminated the flaws of traditional intranet and had given a lot of fascinating features to connect employees with each other and share information. When it is about effective and meaningful internal communication in a company, the social intranet is a workhorse. Today, cloud intranet solutions are a very genuine option for a business to develop a platform where employees can enhance their productivity and skills. Traditional static intranets are a thing of the past. The modern business world thrives on a dynamic and engaging digital Creative Intranet Solutions For Modern Business World

Corporate intranet solutions

Intranet Software for Corporate

Contrary to a company’s website over the Internet where products and services are being sold, the intranet is focused on the internal working of an organization. In the system, data from the people within the private network is collected, stored, and distributed to meet a common business objective. Intranet applications allow a company’s employees to communicate, share data, and work on projects while staying within the network. Such apps or intranet software have features like live conversation, employee management, data sharing, content management, and various other activities related to an organization. Development of Intranet Software When it is about developing Intranet Software for Corporate

Intranet Content Ideas: 22 Intranet Content Suggestions

Your intranet was a hit when it first launched, but usage has slowly gone down. With everyone now working remotely, more people are using the platform’s tools – but they don’t find the content on there very exciting. It can be tricky to think up original ideas for your intranet every month. You’re not alone in this struggle – Gartner reports that 90% of intranets fail to meet their goals. And according to Gallup, 74% of employees feel left out and disconnected from company news. A lot of companies make the mistake of thinking of an intranet as something you Intranet Content Ideas: 22 Intranet Content Suggestions

A Q&A with our CEO about the Rebranding of Intranet Connections

Are you feeling a bit confused about the recent name change of Intranet Connections? Don’t worry, we’ve got you covered! We interviewed CEO Sony Surana to learn more about what’s going on. Check out our interview for all the answers you need and get back on track! Q: Why Intranet Connections? At Intranet Connections, we’ve come full circle. After 20 years of growth and success, we are once again embracing our original purpose – to help employees collaborate more effectively. We want to make the workplace easier and better for everyone. Our focus is on creating amazing intranet software that A Q&A with our CEO about the Rebranding of Intranet Connections

Best Management Principles for Designing an Intranet Project

“We have outlined the important factors when designing an intranet for a medium-large organization in this blog for intranet managers. The examples provided are drawn from our experience working in a large financial services firm.” When does your company need an intranet? When it comes to business communication, current systems often fall short and can create frustrations that can no longer be ignored. It’s time to find an intranet solution that fits within our budget yet meets the needs of our company for years to come. Finding the right solution isn’t easy – but with a little effort, we can Best Management Principles for Designing an Intranet Project