What Works in Hiring Faster & Better – An Experiment

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An efficiently running hiring process in the company is all about selecting the best and sophisticated talent that can nurture your business to a great extent.

But, sometimes the process of few companies take days or months to find the right candidate. It happens, when you got involved in interviewing several candidates, comparing their skills, experience, and niches.


Well, this process will definitely let you find the filtered talent. But, at most times, you end up losing highly qualified or much-talented candidate due to a lengthy hiring process.

Now, to meet such loss, all you need to do is to make hiring procedure goes fast and much efficient not just for the betterment for the organization but for candidates as well.

In order to make your business that way it should, at least for one time, you need to run an experiment by fastening up the process in the following ways:

Specific JD:

First and foremost, ways to make employment procedure go fast is to be on a specific JD. Just make sure to provide relevant things to be needed from candidate’s side, so that only qualified and eligible individuals would come for the interview. It is necessary to be on a point in order to prevent long waiting hours and day of selection process.

Stick to Selected Job Portals:

Marketing your company’s vacancy on numerous job sites simply means thousands of applications received at one go. To make this thing quick and hassle-free, just stay to top-most job portal in order to receive a small pool of experienced candidates.

Make the Best of Virtual Interview:

Although face to face interview is necessary to understand the professional attitude, skills, and self-knowledge of the candidate. However, this can be modified using video interviews I.e. time-saving and updated.

Grab Crucial Details at an Early Stage:

One more way to make process goes work in a speedy manner is by securing relevant details first. Previous company, work experience, family details, ambition, goal, etc. such information can be collected during the telephonic round.