New Staffing Models – From Engagement to Performance

Date: 01-Aug-2018

Intranet onboarding

The current business environment is shaking due to a major upheaval in technology and several company policies.

In order to cope with such a tough time and to be on the path of the company’s success, one should completely rely upon the engagement of employees towards the organization. It is true to say the fact that, an engaging employee is highly responsible and enthusiastic about his/her work responsibilities to provide a positive performance.

Not just defined with the already working employees, sheer engagement should also be involved with newly hired ones. For this very reason, the hiring team needs to make certain changes in their staffing models to let an employee get engaged from the very beginning.

A newly appointed employee of a company already aware of his/her work duty and bringing optimum value to the organization has a higher chance of success and growth. It can be from the technical or general point of view, that engagement can be guessed by the staffing team to let bring positive value to the company.

The following Factors Indicate the Change in the Recruitment Model for Proper Employee Engagement:

1. Make Onboarding Goes Entertaining:

The joining date of a newly appointed employee should be special in terms of a warm welcome, proper training, and necessary greets from the team, and must be aware of the work are some of the reasons to engage the employee’s attention.

2. Make a Proper Business Strategy:

Discussing the detailed business strategy with the employee is necessary to let him/her do anything to achieve business goals.

3. Acknowledgment:

It is a general fact that no employee can give his/her best performance unless and until no praise is received from the higher side. So, it is necessary to appreciate the efforts of the employees time after time to let them feel an important part of the company.

4. Diversifying Tasks:

Letting newly joined employees keep on trying hands in different things is an additional way of receiving positive engagement and successful performance. This means to say, they should do what they are hired for along with other things as per their extra set of talent.



So what’s the one way that can boost your employee engagement?

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