Tips to Improve Internal Communication

Date: 28-Sep-2022

There are several strategies to improve workplace communication, many of which may be accomplished with internal communications software:

Maintain Frequent Contact With Staff

Checking in with staff is an excellent technique to ensure efficient communication. Schedule in-person or virtual sessions every few weeks or months. Discuss initiatives, leadership comments, and future proposals. You will increase workplace communication by appreciating and listening to your employees.

Create a Strategy for New Employee Onboarding

It might be challenging for new employees to learn the ropes on the job. Your intranet is the ideal location for creating a standardized employee training program that every new employee must complete. Make internal information available on your corporate intranet through documentation and training videos. Also, ensure that your personnel directory is up to date and that your Q&A forums are well-stocked with content.

Install Intranet Software

Intranet software is a great way to boost workplace communication. An intranet is a strong internal communications platform with simple collaboration features that include solutions that ease regular company procedures. It allows employees to communicate and share ideas in a safe setting.

Make Internal Papers and Information Accessible

Communication is more than just the flow of information between individuals. It also contains information. Every work requires document management and knowledge sharing, and your staff must be able to readily locate files, spreadsheets, and answers. All of this information should be centralized in your company’s knowledge base. To increase workplace communication, emphasize how employees find what they need to execute their tasks.

Make Use of Social Media

Social media may help firms communicate with consumers and prospects. It also improves internal cooperation. Encourage employees to “like,” “comment on,” and “share” interesting postings about your company. This initiates conversations, informs staff about something they were unaware of, and raises morale.

Reward Good Work

Recognize your staff for going above and above in a job or excelling in a project. The consequences are twofold. For starters, it recognizes and rewards excellent conduct. Humans like receiving praise, especially when they have worked hard to achieve a goal. Second, it serves as a model for other employees. If your intranet contains gamification features, you may award points for task completion or issue “badges” when employees take ownership of projects.

Emphasis on Business Culture

Your company’s culture should include communication. It enables workers to interact with one another and aligns them with the aims of your firm. This may be accomplished by incorporating employee engagement concepts into the workplace. Promote your fundamental values through branding your intranet, workplace decor, business paperwork, and other locations where your firm may express what it stands for.

Have a Reliable Human Resources Department

It’s paradoxical because the HR department’s goal is to service the folks who work for you. If everyone trusts your department that handles internal complaints and policies, communication in the workplace will considerably improve. Ensure that HR staff are approachable and easy to reach.

Avoid One-Way Communication

Many firms use a top-down approach to workplace communication, which has been a typical practice for decades. One-way communication manages your message, but it will not benefit you or your staff in the long term. There is no interaction or meaningful discussion. Instead, encourage your staff to express themselves—you’ll get several rewards from doing so.

Include Mobile Technology

People are utilizing smartphones and tablets for everything now more than ever. Because many employees are frequently absent from the office, you must be able to reach and connect with them outside of the workplace. All of your issues will be solved through a mobile intranet app. Documents, people, and information fit in employees’ pockets no matter where they are.


Improving workplace communication is a never-ending process. It is a two-way street that demands patience, care, and the capacity to listen. There are several options you may take, but moving forward with a strategy will result in increased employee engagement and productivity. Use the suggestions above to build a community based on communication, growth, and success.


So what’s the one way that can boost your employee engagement?

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