The Role of Tech in Enhanced Employee Experience

Date: 08-May-2018

built custom intranet improves employee experience

The Onset of Technology

There was a time when manual intervention was all that was required for the smooth functioning of any business activity. However, with the passage of time, the much-talked-about technological revolution has led to technology supporting human resources in order to achieve organizational objectives. The introduction of tech support in firms, be it a small, medium, or large scale has added to a good amount of ease and comfort to people’s work lives. We have reached an age, wherein a deep and inseparable relationship has taken birth between human resources on one hand and technological changes and support on the other.

Tech & Enhanced Employee Experience:

1. Improved Productivity & Perks

The introduction of technology in workspaces has led to employees enjoying a better life at work. At a very basic level, the use of tech has helped speed up business operations. An activity, which could have been performed by a group of employees in about two hours, can now be carried out in as less as half an hour by using tech support. This helps employees to improve their day-to-day productivity. In certain cases, exceptional performances are recognized and awarded with monetary or non-monetary perks.

2. Balance in Life

Since technology helps employees finish their work on time, they can call it a day without having to sit for extended hours. This helps them to maintain a much-needed work-life balance. The time they have in hand can now be used to socialize or take up hobbies. This, in the end, helps employees to stay fresh and rejuvenated on the next day at work.

3. Intangible Mentor

In certain cases, technology can even act as a guiding light. In areas where you are finding it difficult to understand or interpret information, tech support can simplify such data for you. This would help you to proceed with your work without getting stuck in between or waiting for a colleague of yours to come and solve your queries.

Apart from the aforementioned advantages, there are quite a lot of other add-ons that technology offers to uplift the employee experience.

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