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Employee intranet platform is a modern social intranet empowering organizations to align their entire workforce, improve employee engagement, drive team collaboration, and increase workplace productivity.

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Employee intranet software

Automating Internal Communication and Collaboration with an Employee Intranet

Ensure the security of your data.

Our virtual private servers come equipped with modern firewalls, accessibility controls, and encryption/password-based access controls to protect the security and privacy of your data. To assess risk and do vulnerability analysis as well as to look into security events, detailed audit records are maintained.

Enhance Your Brand With Interfaces

You can create a unified brand experience throughout the workplace of your team and all employee interactions, including private email, web and mobile apps, the company website, video conference rooms, and more with the help of employee intranet software.

Boost productivity and teamwork

You are lacking to worry about managing various software licenses, subscription renewals, or data security because the intranet for employees comes with a full array of built-in productivity tools and collaboration apps. Employee engagement and productivity are increased to the fullest extent by our video and other features.

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Excellent Intranet Portal for Employee Engagement & Communications

We opted to go ahead with Creative for our Intranet Portal development as it fulfilling our most important criteria of easy customization as per our needs. Creative has delivered whatever is agreed upon and the team was very helpful during our implementation phase as well. We have been using Creative Intranet Portal for Employee Engagement, Communication, Collaborations and our added Processes like Leaves & Attendance, Reimbursements, Business Travel etc.

No. of Users
1001-5000 employees
Features of a Creative Employee Intranet

Your teams and departments may stay up to date on the most recent events in your company Share company information with the entire organisation, including news feeds, updates, and announcements. Ensure data security by creating dashboards at the team and departmental levels and sharing updates with chosen people. To better organise your work, you may also create private dashboards. Everyone remains informed in real-time.

The employee experience intranet is mobile-friendly! The user-friendly mobile app lets you view dashboard updates, access work files, identify contacts, participate in video meetings, and much more. Deliver a highly engaging experience to your workers by personalising the app’s user interface to fit your branding.

Every user of the employee intranet has access to a protected Drive where they can keep all of their files. You may securely exchange your files with others inside and outside of your company. By configuring edit privileges, blocking file download and resharing, establishing passwords and access expiration dates, and other security measures, you may prevent unauthorised access to shared files. Effective document collaboration, data security, and on-time project delivery are all made possible by secure file sharing.

The need to handle multiple subscription renewals, have different login credentials for each piece of software, and spend money on useless products is eliminated by centralising IT management. allows easy integration of third-party applications to bring all the tools you require in one location, enabling you to do work without interference or difficulties.

Employee intranet software enhances and perfects employee involvement inside your firm with a huge library of productivity tools. Your team can keep organised and up to date, manage their workloads for the best results, streamline processes to save time and money, and produce the highest ROI with the help of online office tools, calendars, corporate email, task managers, and other productivity applications.

Enterprise’s employee intranet platform

Why do companies need employee intranet?

An enterprise’s employee intranet platform is a safe internal network that promotes employee involvement and cooperation. An intranet system combines all the tools for internal communication and teamwork, including file sharing and collaboration, employee directories, live chat, video meetings, information dashboards, email, mobile apps, and other applications for increasing workplace efficiency.

Using our intranet for employee engagement, your teams can communicate effectively, collaborate on attaining company objectives, and exchange information easily.

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