Employee Training

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So what’s the one way that can boost your employee engagement?

Employee Onboarding & eLearning

Training employees through elearning

Elearning is a new way of learning which provides employees to imbibe the knowledge of the work culture to maintain or increase stability and growth. They also intend to provide social and collaborative learning. So in contrast to traditional training delivery, learning helps to offer a higher degree of employee engagement, higher completion rates, and increased application of the acquired knowledge. Elearning portals for employee training can be used as a vital trigger in changing the learning culture and helping learners move up from “discrete, formal training” to”learning as a continuum”. E-Learning portals must provide an option for ongoing contributions Training employees through elearning

millenial level of enagagement

Employees are the face of the company

Research shows that when your employees are connected and engaged, business booms. There is an economic link between employee satisfaction and company financial performance. Watch this video to know about the importance of employee engagement and employee satisfaction at work So how does employee engagement helps in company productivity? Know the importance of employee engagement software to improve employee job satisfaction We know engagement drives performance for individuals, teams, and organizations…so contact us…CREATIVE SOCIAL INTRANET and keep your employees engaged

Intranet For Social Networking: How It Promotes Engagement at Workplace

The modern social intranet isn’t just a method of employee collaboration at the workplace, but an easy-to-use and time-saving platform to promote effective communication as well as resource management within different departments of an organization. In addition, an advanced intranet consists of many social networking features that help companies engage employees in an interesting manner and fulfill their organizational needs. Today, small as well as big organizations use various kinds of social software for knowledge-sharing among their all-levels of employees. Here’s what a social networking intranet does for an organization: Communication: chat, group discussions, feedback As a social networking site, Intranet For Social Networking: How It Promotes Engagement at Workplace