Intranet For Social Networking: How It Promotes Engagement at Workplace

Date: 22-Jan-2018

The modern social intranet isn’t just a method of employee collaboration at the workplace, but an easy-to-use and time-saving platform to promote effective communication as well as resource management within different departments of an organization. In addition, an advanced intranet consists of many social networking features that help companies engage employees in an interesting manner and fulfill their organizational needs.

Today, small as well as big organizations use various kinds of social software for knowledge-sharing among their all-levels of employees. Here’s what a social networking intranet does for an organization:

Communication: chat, group discussions, feedback

As a social networking site, social intranet software is a web platform of a company which allows managers as well as employees to communicate with each other while sitting miles away from each other through the Internet. Over the network, employees can have live chat, group discussions, and meeting. Apart from that, top management can give feedback to low-level employees.

Two-way communication: Content sharing, reports, and audio-video sharing

Unlike other modes of communication and file sharing, social intranet allows two-way communication within the company where low-level employees can talk to their managers, share their reports and get instant feedback to improve their performance. In addition, authorized employees can share content- like blogs, forums- over the network and send/receive audio or video files.

Knowledge sharing: Employee training, employee-id, company policies

Through social intranet, the Top management of a company not only keeps track of employee performance, but can also provide their necessary training to understand a project. These employees can have access to other employee information to know about the people they are working with. In addition, employees can be updated with new company policies or rules.

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