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Date: 15-Apr-2020

digital transformation 2020

Historically, outrages of epidemics have created a disheartening effect on humankind. Today Covid- 19 pandemic is not an exception. The majority of the population has been quarantined at home, on the remote mode via Zoom, Hangouts, or Skype. First time ever in the whole generation such an immediate and unprecedented global problem has impacted a large number of lives across the globe. Whatsoever this situation has been so far, history also complies that the human spirit still prevails in such a face of challenge.

A crucial responsive action against such a pandemic will critically affect the digital landscape. Such adaptive trends prevailing around the globe have led many institutions and organizations to connect with their audiences via digital culture and platforms. The way the world will react to such challenges will shape the entire sector’s response as well as prepare for long-term changes that will inevitably follow and create a ‘new normal’ tomorrow.

Need for Digital Transformation

Recent studies show that the world’s spending on technologies and services that contribute towards digital transformation has been forecasted to reach $ 2.3 trillion in 2023. As the period from 2019-2023 can also be seen having a steady expansion of digital spending across the globe. Analysis can be made that the digital transformation process is being viewed as a long-term investment.

Today technology has turned into a habitual way out of business strategies that must be enumerated with wider operative initiatives. Digitisation is the need of the hour in the present era, because more business applications are enabling more connecting devices and with much higher expectations from the roles. Companies that were resistant to the concept of distributed workforce have been forced to comply with work from home. So work can still be conducted by taking precautions that can halt the spread of the virus. While working from home benefits many employees, some companies lack the technology infrastructure to captivate during such unprecedented times. However, such an unexpected outbreak of Covid- 19 has made companies realize the benefits of fast-tracking digital transformation.

The Changing Perspective of businesses pertaining to the current situation

The pandemic has forced businesses into a rapid digital transformation during this quarantine period to bring back commerce and trade into streamline. Already schools and colleges have conceptualized online learning for students, so they can continue their curriculum. Also ensuring that students have access to technology and tools which they need to keep learning from home. Retail businesses also have diverted toward the e-commerce sphere. But what about those industries and businesses which require a human-centric approach?

Prior to the outbreak of this pandemic, some progressive actions were taken in telemedicine. However public health officials are trying their best to expand telemedicine via smartphones and other digital tools. For instance, Physiotherapists have a way through technology usage. Patients can be handled via video calls and video shorts to show any kind of workout, stretch, or muscle rehabilitation program for patients to perform carefully at their homes. The physios can provide access to uploaded fitness and muscular streams of content at a reduced rate which can ultimately generate money via subscriptions.

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The professionals and service providers remain in contact with the audience via a digital work play. This method can be used by many service industries to make the business grow steadily during this quarantine period using everyday technology. Also, Small and Medium enterprises can find new ways to promote their brand and services via online communication platforms and specifically social media.

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Conferences, today are a trillion-dollar industry creating better ways to communicate and exchange ideas and build professional relationships. Many Companies are trying to focus on building connections with their employees virtually on various platforms that combine videos, networking, collaborations, sharing, and more to try and out the benefits served by such mechanisms. What can be a comprehensive solution other than Creative Intranet Software which lends out the best suitable services and tools for coping with such a situation of tenacity? The unbuilt tech mechanism in the intranet can help workforces to carry out tasks and assignments effectively. Networking and collaborating with the audience is the most effective function of this intranet portal. Creative is a platform that benefits more innovation and integrity for employees to foster with their own feeds and content via the compressed dashboard. Organizations must definitely opt for intranet solutions for better operation in this period of quarantine.


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