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So what’s the one way that can boost your employee engagement?

5 Essential Services That Each Reliable Intranet Provider Must Offer

The world of modern intranets is forever expanding, and the outdated corporate intranet solution is a distant memory. To stay ahead of the game, a good intranet provider should update their technology frequently to keep up with new advancements. However, the bells and whistles remain just that: flashy additions that may not be essential for daily use. When selecting an “intranet as a service” provider, it’s essential that they meet all requirements to ensure success. What does “intranet software as a service” mean? Much like SaaS solutions, a modern intranet as a service option is a comprehensive package that consists 5 Essential Services That Each Reliable Intranet Provider Must Offer

5 Ideas for a Stronger Company Culture

5 Ways to Engage Employees A solid foundation for any successful company culture is an energetic workforce. Companies, sadly, are not even coming close to meeting expectations. Improving productivity, profits, and overall company success all depend on an engaged workforce. Therefore, how can you foster a healthy culture within your company? In order to boost productivity, morale, and corporate culture, consider these five approaches to employee engagement. 1. Boost Internal Communication Miscommunication is the root cause of nearly half of all workplace issues. Employees are becoming frustrated and disengaged when they are unable to have their questions or concerns answered 5 Ideas for a Stronger Company Culture

Cloud-Based Employee Intranet Software

Cloud-Based Employee Intranet Software

Companies must invest in employee experience to retain and attract talent. That’s where platforms like Creative Social Employee Intranet Software come now more secure as it is now an ISO 27001 Certified company offering VAPT Tested Intranet Software and now it loads 5X Faster. It has evolved from a traditional cloud intranet to an all-in-one employee experience platform, the next step in the digital workplace evolution. It provides cloud intranet functionality to improve internal communication from the level of executives and managers. This allows employees more access to information they need to do their jobs better, faster, and easier – Cloud-Based Employee Intranet Software