5 Essential Services That Each Reliable Intranet Provider Must Offer

Date: 07-Oct-2023

The world of modern intranets is forever expanding, and the outdated corporate intranet solution is a distant memory. To stay ahead of the game, a good intranet provider should update their technology frequently to keep up with new advancements. However, the bells and whistles remain just that: flashy additions that may not be essential for daily use. When selecting an “intranet as a service” provider, it’s essential that they meet all requirements to ensure success.

What does “intranet software as a service” mean?

Much like SaaS solutions, a modern intranet as a service option is a comprehensive package that consists of cloud-based hosting, support and maintenance, and the intranet software itself. Organizations typically pay a recurrent subscription fee which is often more cost-effective than making upfront payments in one go.

The five essential intranet services

1. Modern intranets that may be customized for each team

It may not be the first thing on your mind when searching for an intranet, but customization is key to getting the most out of your software. Different departments within your organization have different needs and applications, so make sure to seek out a tool that can be tailored to fit each team. By being able to configure the design for each team you ensure that everyone in your company is able to access what they need with ease.

2. Remote working ability

Working remotely has become commonplace in many industries and offers a variety of benefits. It allows team members to access company data and applications from anywhere, giving them more flexibility and freedom. This helps employees stay productive even when they are unavailable or away from the office. Plus, it boosts internal communication by allowing remote workers to monitor their colleagues’ progress and give feedback on projects. All these advantages make it clear that any intranet service that restricts staff to one computer and location will only hold businesses back from growth.

3. Fast loading speeds and response

Ensuring your intranet is fast and mobile-friendly can be a challenge for any organization. It’s important to test the chosen software on all typical devices in order to guarantee that it loads quickly and easily from any device. That way, you can ensure your team has access to the information they need as soon as possible no matter where they are.

4. Encourages corporate culture and employee engagement

Modern intranet software offers a range of benefits for teams and organizations, providing a private space to get work done. It also enables better communication between employees by offering internal communication tools that foster collaboration and knowledge sharing. Social networking tools can help create an environment where people feel connected and have the opportunity to share ideas and feedback with each other. Before implementing any intranet platform or tool, it is important to assess the needs of your organization to ensure they will be beneficial in promoting employee engagement and pushing the business forward.

5. Improve your organization’s long-term goals

When selecting an intranet solution for your business, you need to think beyond the present and consider how it can help your company in the future. Investing in a new system isn’t always easy or cheap, so make sure that any decision takes into account the long-term goals of your organization. Talk to everyone involved to get their opinions on what they need from the service, then pick something that includes all these features. Doing this will give you an intranet service that not only meets your current needs but also helps push your business forward – providing more opportunities along the way!



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