Cloud-Based Employee Intranet Software

Date: 21-Jan-2023

Cloud-Based Employee Intranet Software

Companies must invest in employee experience to retain and attract talent. That’s where platforms like Creative Social Employee Intranet Software come now more secure as it is now an ISO 27001 Certified company offering VAPT Tested Intranet Software and now it loads 5X Faster. It has evolved from a traditional cloud intranet to an all-in-one employee experience platform, the next step in the digital workplace evolution. It provides cloud intranet functionality to improve internal communication from the level of executives and managers. This allows employees more access to information they need to do their jobs better, faster, and easier – helping companies reduce stress levels while increasing productivity overall.

We’re proud to be ISO 27001 certified, which will help us keep our clients’ data far away from the prying eyes of hackers.

Here are the top benefits of this new security level:

  • Security: Securely and protectively store confidential information for clients.
  • Software: Make our software even more trusty and dependable.
  • Compliance: Fulfill all relevant compliance requirements with a structured intranet solution.
  • Lower Costs: Benefit from reduced expenses when adopting this software.
  • Global Standards: Allow clients to reach global standards in info safety.
  • Data Safety: Give your customers some peace of mind that their personal data is being managed responsibly by us (your team).
  • Vulnerabilities Detection & Prevention: Spot potential vulnerabilities quickly.
  • Risk Management Solutions: Improve business performance through better risk management protocols integration.

Adaptable SaaS Product for the Cloud

With Our Product Creative Social Intranet Employee Software, you can get the best of both worlds – the reliability and security of a traditional platform with the ability to scale up or down as your business needs change. We use cutting-edge technologies like Google Cloud and Microsoft Azure, so you don’t have to worry about compatibility issues or managing multiple platforms. Plus, we consistently deliver new features and improvements that make your life easier!

Software As a Service Architecture Platform

Creative Social Employee Intranet Software is one of the best SaaS platforms in the employee experience market, personalizing each employee’s experience based on their specific needs in or out of the office. The cloud-based Creative Social Intranet offers a unique and customizable intranet that can be scaled to meet customer needs and geographies. As a cloud SaaS intranet, it is an open platform – customers can create custom integrations with tools for more information or contact management. This allows for true open architecture – scalable in size, customers, and geographies.

Makes Data Security a Priority

Delivering a better employee experience requires not only great technology but also an effective security strategy. By using the latest technologies and micro-services architecture, customers enjoy modern workforce security with all the required cloud intranet software requirements. Security is at the heart of delivering a good customer experience, which is why many businesses are turning to cloud services for their employees’ safety. By encrypting data in transit and storing it on secure servers, you can protect your employees from identity theft, online fraud, and other cyberattacks. You can also ensure that confidential information remains private by transmitting it over encrypted channels or through 256-bit encryption algorithms.

With Creative Social Employee Intranet Software, customer data is encrypted at all times – no matter where they are located or how they’re being used. With an ISO 27001 certificate and GDPR compliance, you can be sure that your customer’s information will always stay safe and secure. An SSO feature makes it easy for customers to access your system with one single password instead of resetting passwords every time they need to log in again.

Features of Creative Social Employee Intranet Software

  • Seamless Integrations:- Switching applications throughout the day can become arduous and tiresome for workers, but comprehensive integrations with Microsoft 365, Google Drive, Dropbox, Slack, Zapier, Jive, Gmail, Salesforce CRM, and other work-critical tools make it easier to switch between programs without losing what you’ve done so far on another account. With its easy sign-in process too, there’s no need to input a new username or password every time you want to use a new application.
  • Gamification at Workplace:- It will be 2X Productivity with a digital system combined with the theory of gamification, it can bring about an unparalleled employee experience at the workplace. The reward points and never-ending positive feedback bring the entire organization to one platform and keep the employees geared up to solve even the most complex tasks the gamification way.
  • Security:- Our Company is ISO 27001 Certified so, we follow a strict policy of safeguarding our client’s data and protecting your data from cyber attacks too.
  • Birthday Notification:- Birthday celebrations are the best practices for improving employee engagement and building employee trust. Get reminded of the birthdays of co-workers you follow and wish them happy birthdays on your company intranet. Get notified when you log in of coworkers’ birthdays so you never miss out on wishing them.
  • News & Announcement:- Communication is key for practically every organization on the planet. When communication falls apart, so does everything else. This is why managers and CEOs are constantly trying to improve the quality of communication among staff members.


So what’s the one way that can boost your employee engagement?

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