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Benefits of Creative Helpdesk system

Benefits of Ticket Management The world of technology is advancing forward and so many businesses are turning up to Live support or trouble ticket software to satisfy their customer and prospect’s support needs. Yet, some still hesitate to change and yet believe that their current system works well as necessary. In many cases though, the ticket management system is still merely an e-mail account that customers communicate through for Intranet-related queries. Though this does work for some smaller companies, it is far from a good option for today’s fast-changing corporate world. Good ticket management software is very beneficial to both the company Benefits of Creative Helpdesk system

Employee on-boarding system – Gateway to a bright future

Employee on-boarding system – Gateway to a bright future

An employee onboarding system that can be best compared to an employee roadmap towards a successful future. Creative Social Intranet has now extended its wings and moved towards an ultimately crucial on-boarding experience with the ongoing growing demand for a better employee onboarding portal. Creative Social Intranet aspires to be a solitary gateway for all your HR and company processes online. Employee On-boarding System – Roadmap to Future Creative Social Intranet has successfully enabled enormous Employee engagement features This includes The next move at Creative Social Intranet is launching an employee e-learning and on-boarding application to build an amazing employee journey for new starters, Employee on-boarding system – Gateway to a bright future

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The Future of Work Human Innovations Or System Intelligence

Artificial Intelligence is penetrating every primary industry from healthcare to advertising and from transportation to finance as well as legal and education, and now it is also entering the workplace. Many of us may have already interacted with a chatbot which is an automated yet personalized conversation between software and a human user. Whether it’s Facebook Messenger to ask a question or ordering your favorite food, AI has given us a way to perform tasks easily and effectively. Here are 3 reasons why AI is the future of System Intelligence: 1. It Redefines Work In order to allow this innovation The Future of Work Human Innovations Or System Intelligence