Benefits of Creative Helpdesk system

Date: 11-Nov-2019


Benefits of Ticket Management

The world of technology is advancing forward and so many businesses are turning up to Live support or trouble ticket software to satisfy their customer and prospect’s support needs. Yet, some still hesitate to change and yet believe that their current system works well as necessary.

In many cases though, the ticket management system is still merely an e-mail account that customers communicate through for Intranet-related queries. Though this does work for some smaller companies, it is far from a good option for today’s fast-changing corporate world. Good ticket management software is very beneficial to both the company and its customers. Listed are some benefits of Ticket management that may not have crossed your mind.

1. Increased Organization

One of the major benefits of using effective ticket management software is the increased level of organization that occurs from it. Today handling e-mail accounts has become very messy and difficult to maintain when the load increases, but ticket management software is designed and personalized to handle this. It will keep every trouble ticket request classified by the customer and also ranked by time or importance. It can keep track record of work that has been considered and resolved and what is pending and needs to be done.

This software actually does wonders in handling a lot of work the customer support agent would have to do otherwise. Thus the increased organization is a big aspect of ticket management software which further leads to a number of other benefits.

2. Unbelievably more Efficiency

Due to the increased organization, ticket management software permits your company to answer trouble ticket requests with lesser effort than other software. More efficiency means few mistakes. Thus increased efficiency means that lesser time is required to answer your customers’ requests. And most importantly your customers will be highly grateful for this.

3. Speed

All customers expect that their help requests should be answered quickly. Although they might be willing to wait for a few minutes, or a couple of hours, they surely will not want to wait for days or more. Ticket management software combines increased organization with its efficiency to generate speed. Speed allows taking faster action to answer requests much more rapidly, even if you have limited support staff.

4. Routing options

Just as every customer’s requirements are different, each of your support staff agent’s areas of expertise is also different. You may not be aware of it but each of your support agents may have something that they are interested in or a field in which they have a lot of experience. Ticket management software permits you to utilize this expertise if you agree to recognize what each employee is good at, and complement this expertise with some extra training. The software has a feature that will ask the customer to select the topic of a request, and this will then route it to a specific person.

In case any customer chooses the wrong topic, the agent who receives the request can reroute it to the relevant person instead of answering some query they’re not an expert on. Definitely, your customers will appreciate this, even if they aren’t aware of it, as this system assists them in getting quick, accurate, and useful answers every time, on time.

5. Professionalism

In the current world of business, the value of professionalism is very often greatly underestimated. Companies may never do business with another company if they don’t show professionalism. In a similar manner, an e-mail support system or any other outdated support system gives off a solid feeling of unprofessionalism. But on the other hand, a ticket management system is seen as a fresh and forward-thinking system.

Though some of these software options still feel incomplete, be careful you pick the accurate ticket management software you can assure of professionalism. Needless to say, your customers will definitely appreciate the trustworthy feeling of our support system; the Creative Helpdesk system.

6. Automated updates to users

Customers want to be updated on what’s going on as far as possible. An ideal ticket management software updates its users automatically whenever necessary. For instance, ideally, customers hate to be kept waiting when they need an answer to a query, and sometimes it is just unavoidable. In such cases, if they receive a notification that it might take a little longer than expected, the customer will be much more patient. A good ticket management system will send automated updates and allow your support agents to focus on reducing the wait time.

7. Records of previous communications

For obvious reasons, customers don’t like to be asked the same questions multiple times. An effective ticket management software, allows you to keep track records of all communications you’ve had with a customer in the past, irrespective of the nature of their current issue. Thus this acts as a time and money saver for both you and your customer.

8. Prioritize requests

At last, there is some ticket management software that will allow you to prioritize customer requests, and this will prove to be very beneficial. For e.g., you may want to assure that your prime customers are always kept happy by responding to their requests first.

The prioritizing request also helps when emergency requests for support related to a product or service that is needed immediately may require a quick response from a relevant agent with the proper expertise. Finally to conclude, remember Customer support is a huge part of a successful running business, and you may be stunned to know how much an effective ticket management system can do for you.


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