Spread Patriotism with Creative Social Intranet

Date: 25-Jan-2023

Republic Day

“The 74th Republic Day of India will be held on January 26, 2023. In honor of the Constitution, which took effect on January 26, 1950, Republic Day, also known as Gantantra Diwas, is celebrated with great patriotism throughout the nation in all Private & Govt Offices as well as in schools and colleges.”

On this momentous occasion of the 74th Republic Day, let us fan the flames of Patriotism by investing in Next-Gen Creative Social Intranet Software. This employee intranet Portal offers organizations a comprehensive platform for sharing thoughts of the day & ideas, uploading photos of events, sending notifications, and organizing employee polls & tracking the results, all with just one secure login intranet portal.

What role can the Creative Social Intranet play in organizing the employees’ celebration of Republic Day at offices?

News & Announcements

  • Post a Republic Day celebration announcement on the company’s Intranet.

A creative intranet that facilitates horizontal and vertical communication within your company, making it easy to post announcements regarding national celebrations such as Republic Day or Independence Day, as well as rewards, new launches, birthdays, anniversaries, or recognizing the best employee of the month, is a great way to recognize the hard work of your colleagues and make their day special.

  • Schedule announcement by Date

Now, you don’t have to worry about whether or not your team has received instructions while you’re away on holiday or attending a seminar, as you can pre-schedule the republic day, independence day, festivals, and other important announcements on specific dates.

  • Notification

Be notified on the intranet dashboard whenever new posts, your posts, or comments are created, edited, or viewed, especially on Republic & Independence days and Festivals. Furthermore, these notifications can be customized for email alerts.

  • Get reviews on announcements, including comments and likes.

Republic & Independence Day, and festivals that are posted on an intranet dashboard encourage interaction and participation with comments, likes, and dislikes on the post.

Digital Media

  • Display the Republic Day banner image on the intranet homepage.

Display media galleries offer great feature designing of customized patriotic intranet homepage dashboards with the most appropriate patriotic banner images options of the republic and independence days, as well as of other main festivals, all while using the display, best media, or latest media files to encourage engagement within the company.

  • Image & Video Gallery Display

Creative Social Intranet provides immense benefits, providing a platform to display photographs & videos from Republic & Independence Day Celebrations, helping organizations to create a vivacious and engaging atmosphere among the employees.

  • Easily upload images & videos

Effortlessly upload images & videos to the intranet with a user-friendly GUI, adding captions, descriptions, and tags for users, as well as setting dates for when files can be viewed. Furthermore, assign categories to the media files and set permissions on them, so only the specified people have access. Moreover, you have the option to alter the permission settings at any point.

  • Comment Section

Our Creative Social Intranet features an interactive Media Gallery app, enabling users to not only “Like” and “Dislike” the content, but also leave feedback and comments, thereby fostering a spirit of engagement and collaboration among employees.

  • Notification

By wishing our employees a joyous Republic Day, Independence Day, and all other celebrations, along with their birthdays and work anniversaries, on our company’s intranet portal, we can generate a meaningful engagement with them.

  • Pop-up notifications

Enjoy the festive celebrations of Republic and Independence Day, birthdays, and anniversaries of employees, as pictures appear on your company’s home page with Pop-Up notifications. Conveniently send personalized wishes with a single click to mark the occasion.

  • Upcoming Events

Creative Social Intranet makes sure that you stay informed of all upcoming events, including Republic and Independence Day, festivals, birthdays, and work anniversaries, by regularly sending pop-up notifications on the intranet dashboard.

  • Bulk upload features

With the bulk upload feature of the Creative Social Intranet, it is now easier to display in the intranet all the anniversaries, birthdays of every user, republic & independence day, and festivals, without the need to enter the data manually.

Employee Polls – Creative Social Intranet

Employee Polls provide a fast way of getting answers to queries and feedback. Be it a query of selecting a date and place for Republic & independence day or cultural festivals, or choosing the right time for team meetings, online polls serve as the best source for quick response. Polls are a great way to involve every member of an organization as everyone has their own perspective. Moreover, if these polls are enjoyable, then it helps reduce stress and increase the sense of togetherness amongst employees. A Creative Social Intranet has an Employee Engagement Survey with Polls section which is used to get important insights from employees. Such employee surveys not only make them feel like an integral part of the organization but also helps to build better relationship among the employees.


Creative Social Intranet allows employees and upper management to customize their intranet homepages with patriotic images and themes, in addition to offering a wide range of festive themes from all around the world. Moreover, this platform grants users the ability to share photos and videos related to Republic & Independence Day and festival celebrations, with features such as comments, likes, and dislikes. There are also pop-up notifications about any important events celebrated in the organization.


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