Benefits and Advantages of an On-Premise Intranet Software For Employees

Date: 23-Jan-2023

Benefits and Advantages of an On-Premise Intranet Software For Employees

An On-Premise Employee Intranet Software For Employees can be a great tool to help keep your employees organized and connected. By providing them with their own private computer network, you can ensure that they are able to work without interruption or interference from colleagues. You can also use it to share important files and documents with your team members while keeping sensitive information confidential.

There are many different benefits of having an On-Premise Employee Intranet Software in place, including:

  • Increased employee productivity due to improved communication and collaboration.
  • Reduced paperwork thanks to easy access to company data.
  • Improved security by restricting access only to authorized users.
  • Reduced IT costs because employees don’t need regular updates or support for software that is already installed on their personal computers.

Employee intranets can provide a number of benefits for businesses of all sizes. From enabling better task management and collaboration to promoting employee engagement and growth, an employee intranet can help your organization meet essential business needs.

However, there are two main options when it comes to deploying an employee intranet: on-premise or cloud-based. Both have their own advantages and disadvantages which need to be considered before making a decision. Let’s take a closer look at these alternatives below.

  • On-Premise Intranets:

On-premise employee intranets offer many tangible benefits over cloud-based solutions, such as decreased costs (due to no hosting fees), more control over the design and layout of the interface, and easier access for employees who use multiple devices (PCs/phones). However, this approach does come with some security risks due to the fact that the data is stored on company premises. Additionally, if your business expands rapidly or you experience high volumes of traffic from employees accessing the website from outside sources (such as via mobile devices), then an on-premises solution may not be ideal.

  • Cloud Intranets:

Cloud-based solutions offer several key advantages over traditional on-premise systems – they’re cheaper in terms of upfront costs, easy to scale up if required (by adding additional servers), manage centrally using one platform instead of separate applications for each department/office location – plus they’re accessible from any device anywhere in the world!

Pros of an On-Premise Employee Intranet Solution

To deploy an on-premise employee intranet, a company must provide the hardware, network infrastructure, and on-premise employee intranet software necessary to set up the solution. From an administrative perspective, the company can then implement a system of user identities and authorization protocols to allow specific users to access the system. This approach has the following advantages:

Enhanced Security

For the day-to-day operation of the intranet, an on-premise employee intranet solution with access controls provides the company with the assurance that its employees are using the employee intranet in a regulated manner.

In addition, Employee intranet software that is owned and operated by the organization allows the company to set up its own security protocols. Because the platform is managed by its own department IT, the company can take full control of its security profile. This is important in a cybersecurity environment where malicious actors are expected to steal 33 billion records in 2023.

Streamlined Delivery of Resources

One way to improve the employee experience on an on-site intranet is to allow employees to access and install new applications and services themselves without relying on the department IT. By giving employees access to software updates, file and document management systems, and other tools, on-premise employee intranet software increases company productivity and reduces costs.


With an on-premise employee intranet solution that uses software and systems wholly owned by the company, administrators can request personalized tools and services from IT that match the activities of individual business units.


A modern employee intranet offers options for employee apps, such as social media feeds, employee engagement tools, eLearning, project management, and productivity apps.

An employee intranet that offers mobile access allows the company to manage employees in multiple locations and engage them with collaboration spaces and corporate social networks that improve communication and teamwork. Workers appreciate this employee engagement opportunity.

Process Integration

On-premise employee intranet software can also provide integrations with third-party systems, e-forms, and workflows. When a company hosts its own employee intranet platform, it can fine-tune integrations with current business processes.


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