Measures to Enhance Employee Engagement with Social Intranet

Date: 02-Feb-2018

A major focus for organizations and businesses, whether big or small, is to manage their human resources. Since employees directly work towards ensuring the success of a business, it is essential to ensure that they are constantly involved with the company and feel invested in its goals. To ensure steady productivity, it is thus essential for an organization to constantly stay updated with the level of engagement and motivation amongst employees and work towards increasing it.

Here’s how installing a social intranet can help you achieve that:

Interaction with Colleagues

Employees tend to spend a major part of their day working alongside each other under one roof. A social intranet would help them enhance their working relationships amongst each other through tools such as instant messaging, photo and video sharing, discussion forums, and so on.

Management Performance

Intranet Solutions not only poses as a platform for engaging employees but also to measure the performance of its managers and executives. The board can help enhance the leadership qualities of team leaders and managers by smoothing the communication lines between them and their team members while auditing their performance through intranet portal.

Updated Employees

Using the networking tools of the intranet, a company can also keep the employees updated with the latest developments of the office and company policies and enhance their performance by motivating them. They may also carry out the regular survey to determine the sense of involvement of employees with the company and work towards improving it.

Since every organization has its own methods of communication, one should look for a personalized intranet solution. Creative Web Mall is a reputed company that provides social intranet solutions with customized tools to match the needs of a respective business. Contact the team of professionals at Creative for an optimal engagement platform for your employees.



So what’s the one way that can boost your employee engagement?

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